BABYLON "Tales of Doom: Chapter 1" (Man in Black Music)

BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA "Axis of Evil" (Self-produced)

BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA "Earth As It Is In Heaven" (Self-produced)

BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA "The Godless, The Godforsaken and the Goddamned" (Self-produced)

BABY METAL "Metal Resistance" (Toy's Factory)

BABY WOODROSE "Third Eye Surgery" (Bad Afro Records)


SEBASTIAN BACH "Forever Wild" DVD (Eagle Vision)

BACHMAN AND TURNER "Bachman and Turner" (RBE)

BACHMAN AND TURNER "Live at the Roseland Ballroom, NYC" (Eagle Rock Entertainment)

BACKFIRE! "Change the Game" (I Scream Records)

BACKFIRE! "Still Dedicated" (Victory)

BACK FROM ASHES "Broken" (Self-released)

BACKSTREET LAW "Hockey Helmet" (Riviere)

BAD ACID TRIP "Lynch the Weirdo" (Sony)

BAD BRAINS "I Against I" (SST)

BAD COMPANY "Bad Company In Concert: Merchants of Cool" (CD and DVD) (Sanctuary)

BAD HABIT "Demo" (Self-produced)

BADLANDS "Badlands" (Koch Records)

BADLANDS "Voodoo Highway" (Atlantic)

BADMOUTH "Badmouth" (Self-produced)

BAD RELIGION "New Maps of Hell" (Epiaph)

BAG "Bag" (Simmons / Sanctuary)

GINGER BAKER "Beware of Mr. Baker" (Vivendi Entertainment)

BALANCE OF POWER "Book of Secrets" (Nightmare Records)

BALANCE OF POWER "Perfect Balance" (Nightmare Records)

BALANCE OF POWER "Ten More Tales of Grand Illusion" (Nightmare Records)

BALD DAISY "Demo" (Self-produced)

BALATONIZER "Occlused in Ottusity" (Dark Reign)

BALFOR "Barbaric Blood" (Pulverized)

BAL-SAGOTH "The Power Cosmic" (Nuclear Blast)

BALTIMOORE "Original Sin" (Lion Music)

BAND OF SPICE "From the Corner of Tomorrow" (Scarlet Records)

THE BANG BANG "Brothers of the Head: Music from the Motion Picture" (Milan)

BANG CAMARO "Bang Camaro" (Self-released)

BANG CAMARO "Bang Camaro II" (Black Sword)

RICHARD BARBIERI "Stranger Inside" (K-Scope)

BARGAIN MUSIC "The Magic is Over" (Beatville)

BARONESS "The Red Album" (Relapse)

BARONESS "Stone" (Abraxan Hymns)

BARROWS "Red Giant" (Self-produced)

CRAIG BARTOCK "The Finer Points of Instinct" (Independent)

WILLIE BASSE "The Money Grind" (New Empire)

BATHTUB SHITTER "Dancehall Grind" (Super Hit Jam Records)

 BATTALION "Winter Campaign" (Self-produced)

BATTLE BEAST "No More Hollywood Endings" (Nuclear Blast)

BATTLECROSS "Pursuit of Honor" (Metal Blade)

BATTLELUST "Of Battle and Ancient Warcraft" (Pavement)

BATTLERAGE "The Slaughter Returns" (Metal on Metal)

BATTLEROAR "To Death and Beyond" (Cruz Del Sur)

BATON ROGUE MORGUE "High End of the Season" (Self-released)

BLAZE BAYLEY "Infinite Entanglement" (Blaze Bayley Recordings)

BLAZE BAYLEY "Promise and Terror" (Candlelight)

BAYSIDE "Sirens and Condolences" (Victory)

BEAK "Eyrie" (Some Odd Pilot)

BEARTOOTH "The Surface" (Red Bull Records)

BEASTMAKER "Lusus Naturae" (Rise Above Limited)

BEASTO BLANCO "We Are Beasto Blanco" (Rat Pak Records) 

BEATALLICA "Sgt Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band" (Oglio)

BEATS THE HELL OUT OF ME "Revising History" (Self-released)

BEAUTIFUL CREATURES "Beautiful Creatures" (Warner Bros.)


BEAUTIFUL SIN "The Unexpected" (AFM Records / Rock Inc.)

BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE "Dichotomy" (Solid State)

BEECHER "This Elegy His Autopsy" (Earache)

BEFORE THE DAWN "4:17" (Locomotive)

BEFORE THE FALL "Slow Descent" (Self-released)

BEHEMOTH "Evangelion" (Nuclear Blast/Metal Blade)

BEING AS AN OCEAN "How We Both Wondrously Perish" (InVogue Records)

ADRIAN BELEW "Side One" (Sanctuary)

BELFEGOR "The Kingdom of Glacial Palaces" (World War III Records)

BELIEVE "Hope to See Another Day" (Galileo)

BELIEVER "Transhuman" (Metal Blade)

BELPHEGOR "Bondage Goat Zombie" (Nuclear Blast)

BELPHEGOR "Blutsabbath" (WW III / Mercenary Musik / Last Episode)

BELPHEGOR "The Last Supper" (WW III / Mercenary Musik / Last Episode)

BELTFED WEAPON "Darkened Demise" (Self-released)

BELTFED WEAPON "Peacekeeper" (Self-released)

BENEATH THE MASSACRE "Incongruous" (Prosthetic)

BENEATH THE MASSACRE "Maree Noire" (Prosthetic)

BENEATH THE SKY "What Demons Do to Saints" (Victory)

BENEDICTUM "Uncreaton" (Locomotive)

BEN JACKSON GROUP "All Over You" (Screaming Ferret Wreckords / Escapi)

BENUMB "Withering Strands of Hope" (Relapse)

BEOWULF "Westminster & 5th" (I Scream)

BERMUDA "The Wandering" (MediaSkare)

THE BERZERKER "The Berzerker" (Earache)

THE BERZERKER "Dissimulate" (Earache)

BESEECH "Drama" (Napalm Records)

BEST OF SEVEN "Best of Seven" (Fastlane Records)

BETTER LEFT UNSAID "The Silencing" (Self-released)

BETTER THAN EZRA "Before The Robots" (Artemis)

BETTY BLOWTORCH "Are You Man Enough?" (Foodchain Records)


BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME "The Anatomy Of" (Victory)


BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME "Colors II" (Sumerian Records)

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME "The Parallax II: Future Sequence" (Metal Blade)

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME "The Silent Circus" (Victory)

BEYOND AGONY "The Last of a Dying Breed" (American Detriment Recordings)

BEYOND FEAR "Beyond Fear" (SPV / Sanctuary)

BEYOND SURFACE "Destination's End" (Sanctuary/Noise)

BEYOND THE EMBRACE "Against the Elements" (Metal Blade)

BEYOND THE EMBRACE "Insect Song" (Metal Blade)

BEYOND THE FLESH "What the Mind Perceives" (Screaming Ferret)

BEYOND THERAPY "Deadliners" (Self-produced)

BEYOND TWILIGHT "For the Love of Art and the Making" (Nightmare)

BEYOND TWILIGHT "Section X" (Nightmare)

BE YOUR OWN PET "Get Awkward" (Ecstatic Peace!)

EMILY BEZAR "Exchange" (DemixVox)

BHLEG "Draumr Ast" (Nordvis)

BIASTFEAR "Demo" (Self-produced)

BIG BABY SATAN "Big Baby Satan" (BBS)

BIG BALL "Hotter than Hell" (AFM)

BIG COCK "Motherload" (Driver Wild Music)

BIG COCK "Year of the Cock" (Driver Wild Music)

BIG COLLAPSE "Prototype" (The Militia Group)

BIG D AND THE KIDS TABLE "Strictly Rude" (Side One Dummy)

BIG DISMAL "Believe" (Wind-up)

BIG DUMB FACE "Duke Lion Fights the Terror!!" (Flip/Geffen)

BIG ELF "Hex" (Custard)

BIG ENGINE "Shot Like a Rocket" (Pavement)

BIGGER THAN PLASTIC "Santa Sucks" (Self-produced)

BILLION DOLLAR BABIES "Stand Your Ground" (Self-produced)

BILLY BUTCHER "Penny Dreadful" (Outlaw Recording)

BILLY CLUB SANDWICH "The Usual Suspects" (Dead City)

BILLY JOE WINGHEAD "Precious Moments With..." (R.A.F.R.)

THE BILLY MARTINI SHOW "Like No Other" (Delicious Records)

THE BILLY MARTINI SHOW "Pajama Party" (Delicious Records)

BILLY TALENT "666 Live" (Warner)

BILLY TALENT "Billy Talent" (Atlantic)

BILOXI "III: In the Wake of the Storm" (Self-produced)

BIOHAZARD "A Means to an End" (SPV / Steamhammer)

BIOHAZARD "Uncivilization" (Sanctuary)

BIOMECHANICAL "Cannibalised" (Earache)

BIONIC JIVE "Armageddon Through Your Speakers" (Interscope)

BIRDFLESH "Mondo Musicale" (Candlelight)

BIRDS AND BUILDINGS "Birds and Buildings" (Bantam to Behemoth)

BIRDS OF PREY "Weight of the Wound" (Relapse)

BISHOP "Centipede" (Self-produced)

BISHOP "Centipede: The Maxi-Single" (Self-produced)

BISHOP "Rock On" (Self-produced)

BISHOP "Steel Gods" (Self-produced)

BISON BC "Lovelessness" (Metal Blade)

BITTER SANE "8th Hour of a Roller Coaster Ride" (Self-produced)

BLACK BAMBI "Black Bambi" (20th Century Music)

BLACKBERRY SMOKE "New Honky Tonk Demos" (Self-produced)

BLACK BLUEBIRDS "Like Blood for Music" (Fiskum and Humber Sound)

BLACK BONZO "Sound of the Apocalypse" (The Laser's Edge / B&B Records / Proton)

BLACK BREATH "Sentenced to Life" (Southern Lord)

BLACKBREW "BlackBrew" (Self-released)

BLACK COBRA "Bestial" (At a Loss)

BLACK COMEDY "Synthesis" (Self-produced)


THE BLACK CROWES "Freak'n'Roll ... Into the Fog" (Eagle)


THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER "Deflorate" (Metal Blade)

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER "Unhallowed" (Metal Blade)

BLACK FLAG "Damaged" (SST)

BLACKFIELD "NYC: Blackfield Live in New York City" (K-Scope)

THE BLACK HALOS "Alive Without Control" (Liquor and Poker)

BLACKIE WILCOX "Such a Shame" (Self-produced)

BLACK JU-JU "Universal Asshole" (Self-produced)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "1919*Eternal" (Spitfire Records)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Alcohol Fueled Brewtality Live Plus 5" (Spitfire Records)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "The Blessed Hellride" (Spitfire Records)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Boozed, Broozed & Broken-Boned" DVD (Spitfire / Eagle Vision)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Catacombs of the Black Vatican" (Metal/Entertainment One)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Doom Crew Inc" (Entertainment One)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "The European Invasion: Doom Troopin'" DVD (Eagle Vision Entertainment)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Hangover Music, Vol. VI" (Spitfire Records)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Kings of Damnation: 1998 - 2004" (Spitfire Records)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Live & Acoustic EP" (Spitfire Records)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Mafia" (Artemis Records)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Order of the Black" (E1 Music)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Shot to Hell" (Roadrunner Records)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "The Song Remains Not the Same" (E1 Music)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Sonic Brew" (Spitfire Records)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Stronger Than Death" (Spitfire Records)

THE BLACK LEAGUE "Ichor" (Nuclear Blast/Spinefarm)

BLACK LIGHT BURNS "Cruel Melody" (I Am / Wolfpack)

BLACKLIST 9 "Mentally Ill, Legally Sane" (Self-released)

BLACKLISTED "We're Unstoppable" (Deathwish)

BLACKLIST UNION "After the Mourning" (Blu Records)

BLACKLIST UNION "Breakin Bread with the Devil" (Blu Records)

BLACKLYST "Liars, Killers and Master Thieves" (Demo)

THE BLACK MARIA "A Shared History of Tragedy" (Victory)

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT "All Our Yesterdays" (Frontiers)

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT "Christmas Eve" (SPV / Steamhammer)

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT "Nature's Light" (EarMusic)

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT "Paris Moon" (SPV / Steamhammer)

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT "Winter Carols" (Locomotive)

BLACK NASA "Deuce" (Meteor City)

BLACK N'BLUE "Rarities" (Crash)

BLACK OXYGEN "The American Dream" (Self-released)

BLACK RAIN "Innocent Rosie" (Thundering)


BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB "Take Them On, On Your Own" (Virgin)

BLACK SABBATH "Black Sabbath" (WEA/Warner Bros.)

BLACK SABBATH "13" (Vertigo)

BLACK SABBATH "Born Again" (Vertigo)

BLACK SABBATH "Dehumanizer" (Reprise)

BLACK SABBATH "The Dio Years" (Rhino)

BLACK SABBATH "The End" (Black Sabbath)

BLACK SABBATH "The End Live" (Black Sabbath)

BLACK SABBATH "Heaven and Hell" (Warner Bros.)

BLACK SABBATH "Life at Hammersmith Odeon" (Rhino Handmade)

BLACK SABBATH "Master of Reality" (WEA)

BLACK SABBATH "The Mob Rules" (Warner Bros.)

BLACK SABBATH "Never Say Die!" (Warner Off Roster)

BLACK SABBATH "Paranoid" (WEA/Warner Bros.)

BLACK SABBATH "Past Lives" (Sanctuary)

BLACK SABBATH "Reunion" (Epic)


BLACK SABBATH "Symptom of the Universe 1970 - 1978" (Warner / Rhino)

THE BLACK SHADOWS "BlueXotica" (Black Shadows)

BLACK SHEEP "Sacrifice" (Rock's Cool Records)

BLACK STAR RIDERS "Another State of Grace" (Nuclear Blast)

BLACK STEEL "Battle Cry" (MGM Australia)

BLACK STEEL "Destrcutor" (Adrenaline / Steel Heart)

BLACK STEEL "Hellhammer" (Adrenaline / Steel Heart)

BLACK STONE CHERRY "Black Stone Cherry" (Roadrunner)

BLACK STONE CHERRY "Folklore and Superstition" (Roadrunner)

BLACKSTORM "As Black As Thy Candles Burn" (Darque Records)

BLACK SUNSHINE "Black Sunshine" (2010)

BLACK TIDE "Light From Above" (Interscope)

BLACK TUSK "Set the Dial" (Relapse)

BLACK VEIL BRIDES "IV" (Lava/Universal Republic)

BLACK VEIL BRIDES "Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones" (Lava/Universal Republic)

BLACK WAIL "Born on Fire" (Rhyme & Reason Records)

BLACK WIDOWS "Among the Brave Ones" (Inverse)

BLADECRUSHER "Tempest" (Big Bad Wolf/Headbangers)

BLADE OF THE RIPPER "Blade of the Ripper" (Devil Doll)

THE BLANK THEORY "Beyond the Calm of the Corridor" (New LIne Records / Scratchie Records)

THE BLANK THEORY "Catalyst" (Four Alarm Recordings)

BLASPHEMOUS CREATION "Forsaken Dynasty" (Independent)

BLASPHEMOUS CREATION "Rest in Pieces" (Self-produced)

BLASPHEMOUS CREATION "Shadows of Evil" (Self-produced)

BLASTED TO STATIC "Blasted To Static" (Metalpolis)

BLASTROCK "Ruthless Fuck" (Puberty Music, Inc.)

BLAZE "As Live as It Gets" (SPV)

BLAZE "Silicon Messiah" (SPV)

THE BLED "Pass the Flask" (Fiddler)

THE BLED "Silent Treatment" (Vagrant)

BLEED "Miss Alcohol" (Self-released)

BLEED FOR ME "Composition" (Self-released)

BLEEDING KANSAS "Dead Under Decor" (Abacus)

BLEEDING THROUGH "The Truth" (Trustkill)

BLESSING THE HOG "The Twelve Gauge Solution" (Goodfellow Records)

BLESSTHEFALL "Hollow Bodies" (Fearless)

BLESS THE FALLEN "The Eclectic Sounds of a Town Painted Black and White" (Crush)

BLIND DOG "Captain Dog Rides Again" (Meteor City)

BLINDING EYE DOG "Prologue" (Self-released)

BLIND GUARDIAN "Beyond the Red Mirror" (Nuclear Blast)

BLIND GUARDIAN "Fly" (Nuclear Blast)

BLIND GUARDIAN "Imaginations From the Other Side" (Century Media)

BLIND RAGE "Cycles of Endurance" (Demo)

BLIND STARE "Symphony of Delusions" (Arise)

BLINK-182 "Blink-182" (Geffen)

BLINK-182 "Enema of the State" (MCA)

BLINK-182 "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket" (MCA)

BLINK-182 "The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!)" (MCA)

BLISS 66 "Trip to the 13th" (Sony)

BLISSED "Corrosive" (KR Records)

BLISSED "Waking Up the Dead" (KR Records)

BLITZKID "Apparitional" (People Like You)

BLITZKID "Let Flowers Die" (Self-produced)

blld "materia prima" (lapetus/Squatter Madras)

BLOODBATH "Breeding Death" (Century Media)

BLOODBATH "Nightmares Made Flesh" (Century Media)

THE BLOOD BROTHERS "March on Electric Children" (Three.One.G)

THE BLOOD BROTHERS "Burn Piano Island, Burn" (ArtistDirect / I Am)

BLOODGOOD "To Germany With Love! Live in Germany 1993" (M8)

BLOODIEST "Descent" (Relapse)

BLOODLET "Three Humid Nights in the Cypress Trees" (Victory Records)

BLOOD OF KINGU "Sun in the House of Scorpion" (Candlelight)

BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL "A Banishing Ritual" (Bindrune Recordings)

BLOOD RED THRONE "Altered Genesis" (Earache)

BLOOD RED THRONE "Come Death" (Earache)

BLOOD RED THRONE "Souls of Damnation" (Earache)

BLOODSWORN "All Hyllest Til Satan" (Agoria)

BLOOD VOMIT "Up From the Grave" (Bloodsoaked Records / Eternal Night Productions)

BLOODY HELL "The Bloodening" (Rockshots Records)

BLOODY MAIDEN "The Absence of a Soul" (Independent Records)

BLOODY MAIDEN "Demo" (Self-produced)

BLOTTED SCIENCE "The Machinations of Dementia" (Eclectic Electric)

BLOYD "Wanna Play?" (Octopulse Records)

BLUDGEON "Crucify The Priest" (Metal Blade/Magic Circle Music)

BLUDGEON "World Controlled" (Magic Circle Music)

BLUEBEARD "Deluxe with Reverb" (Shelter From The Storm Records)

BLUEBIRD "Hot Blood" (Dim Mak Records)

BLUE CHEER "What Doesn't Kill You" (Rainman)

BLUE CHEER "Live at Rockpalast - Bonn 2008" (MIG Music)

BLUE COUPE "Tornado on the Tracks" (Blue Coupe)

BLUE FLANNEL "XL" (Universal)

BLUE HONEY "Nine Days Wonder" (Asgard Music)

BLUE HOUR GHOSTS "Due" (Rockshots Records)

BLUE LINE "Hit Kickin'" (Noiseosaurus)

BLUE MEANIES "The Post Wave" (MCA)

BLUE OCTOBER "Approaching Normal" (Universal)

BLUE OCTOBER "Argue with a Tree" (Brando)

BLUE OYSTER CULT "A Long Day's Night" (Sanctuary/CMC International)

BLUE OYSTER CULT "Blue Oyster Cult" (Columbia)

BLUE OYSTER CULT "Career of Evil: The Metal Years" (Columbia)

BLUE OYSTER CULT "Cult Classics" (Frontiers Music SRL)

BLUE OYSTER CULT "Curse of the Hidden Mirror" (CMC International)

BLUE OYSTER CULT "Fire of Unknown Origin" (Columbia)

BLUE OYSTER CULT "Heaven Forbid" (CMC International)

BLUE OYSTER CULT "iHeart Radio Theater NYC 2012" (Frontiers Music SRL)

BLUE OYSTER CULT "Live Hard Rock Cleveland 2014" (Frontiers Music SRL)

BLUE OYSTER CULT "The Symbol Remains" (Frontiers Music SRL)

THE BLUESBONES "Unchained" (Donor Productions)


BLUSHING WELL "This Flesh I'm In" (800lb Productions)

BLUESTONE CO. "Bluestone Co." (PID)

BLUT AUS NORD "Mort" (Candlelight)

BLUT AUS NORD "The Work That Transforms God" (Candlelight)

B-MOVIE MONSTERS "Some Things are Better Left Undead" (Self-released)

BOBAFLEX "Anything That Moves" (BFX Records)

BOBAFLEX "Apologize For Nothing" (TVT)

BOBAFLEX "Tales from Dirt Town" (TVT)

BOBGOBLIN "Love Lost for Blood Lust" (Self-produced)



DON BODIN "Greed, Lust and Cloning" (Endocrinemusic)

BODYBUG "DIY" (Self-produced)

BODYBUG "Universes & Civilizations on My Belly" (Self-produced)

BODY COUNT "Carnivore" (Century Media)

BODY COUNT "Murder 4 Hire" (Escapi Music)

BODY COUNT "Live in L.A." DVD (New Media Studio)

BOILER "Cow Tipping in C Sharp" (Self-produced)

BOILER ROOM "Can't Breathe" (Tommy Boy Music)

TOMMY BOLIN "Shake the Devil - The Lost Sessions (Cleopatra)

BOLT THROWER "Mercenary" (Metal Blade)

BOLT UPRIGHT "Red Carpet Sindrome" (550 Music)

BOMBNATION "H.A.Z.M.A.T." (D7i / Doomsday Machine / Profusion)

BONDED BY BLOOD "Exiled to Earth" (Earache)

BONDED BY BLOOD "Feed the Beast" (Earache)

BONED "Up at the Crack" (Perris Records)

BONE DANCE "Bone Dance" (Throat Ruiner)

BONEYARD "Oathbreaker" (Self-released)

BONFIRE "Don't Touch the Light MMXXIII" (AFM Records)

BONGRIPPER "Satan Worshipping Doom" (CD Baby)

BONES BRIGADE "Endless Bummer" (Coalition Records)

BONESCREW "Bonescrew" (Demo)

BONE SHAKER "Bang ... You're Dead" (Turkey Vulture)

BONESHAKER "Boneshaker" (Self-produced)

BONESHAKER "Start the Race" (Gofannon)

BONHAM "The Disregard of Timekeeping" (WTG)

BON JOVI "Bounce" (Island)

BON JOVI "Crush" (Island)

BON JOVI "Have a Nice Day" (Island)

BON JOVI "Lost Highway" (Island)

BON JOVI "This Left Feels Right" (Island)

BON JOVI "Slippery When Wet" (Mercury)

BOOBIE TRAP "Look Inside" (Self-released)

BORIS "New Album" (Tearbridge)

BORKNAGER "Origin" (Century Media)

BORN OF OSIRIS "Soul Sphere" (Sumerian Records)

ANDREW BOSS "Invincible" (Self-released)

BOSTON "Boston" (Epic)

BOSTON "Corporate America" (Artemis)

BOSTON "Don't Look Back" (Epic)

BOSTON "Third Stage" (MCA)

BOTTLE ROCKETS "Leftovers" (Dolittle)

BOTTOM "Bottom" (Demo - Independent)

BOULDER "Ravage and Savage" (Tee Pee Records)

LINDSEY BOULLT "Composition" (Self-produced)

BOURBON CROW "Highway to Hangovers" (Horror High)

BOYCE "II" (Self-released)

BOWLING FOR SOUP "A Hangover You Don't Deserve" (Jive)

BOWLING FOR SOUP "Fishin' for Woos" (Brando Records)

BOWLSCRAPER "Red Hair Revolution" (Self-produced)

BOWLSCRAPER "Red Hair Revolution (Sampler)" (Self-produced)

BOX CAR RACER "Box Car Racer" (MCA)

BOYFRNDZ "Breeder" (Brutal Panda Records)

BOY HITS CAR "Boy Hits Car" (Wind Up)

BOYSETSFIRE "After the Eulogy" (Victory Records)

BOYSETSFIRE "Live For Today" (Victory Records)

BOYSETSFIRE "Tomorrow Come Today" (Victory Records)

BOYS NIGHT OUT "Trainwreck" (Ferret)

TERRY BOZZIO & BILLY SHEEHAN "Nine Short Films" (Magna Carta)

BRAD JENDZA & THE ANDROIDS "Brad Jendza & The Androids" (Streamline Records)

J.D. BRADSHAW "Caught in the Act" (Self-produced)

J.D. BRADSHAW "The Essence of Existence" (Acacia Entertainment)

BRAINDANCE "Redemption" (Progressive Darkwave Recordings)

BRAIN DRILL "Quantum Catastrophe" (Metal Blade)

BRAIN POLICE "Beyond the Wasteland" (Small Stone)

BRAINSTORM "Ambiguity" (Metal Blade)

BRAINSTORM "Downburst" (Metal Blade)

BRAINSTORM "Liquid Monster" (Metal Blade)

BRAINSTORM "Metus Mortis" (Metal Blade)

BRAINSTORM "Wall of Skulls" (AFM Records)

BRAIN SURGEONS NYC "Denial of Death" (Cellsum Records)

BRAND NEW SIN "Brand New Sin" (Now or Never Records)

BRANT "Across An Ever Darkening Sky" (Solomon Entertainment)

BRASS KITTEN "Across America" (Nightmare Records)

BRAVE "Searching for the Sun" (Dark Symphonies)

BRAVE "Waist Deep in Dark Waters" (Self-produced)

BRAVE LAST DAYS "Brave Last Days" (Jumberlack)

BRAZEN ABBOT "Guilty as Sin" (SPV / Steamhammer)

BRAZIL "Dasein" (Fearless)

BREAKING BENJAMIN "Phobia" (Hollywood Records)

BREAKING BENJAMIN "So Cold EP" (Hollywood Records)

BREAKING POINT "Beautiful Disorder" (Wind-Up)

BREAKING POINT "Coming of Age" (Wind-Up)

BREEDINGROUND "Emergence EP" (Self-produced)

THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE "Tepid Peppermint Wonderland: A Retrospective" (TeePee)

BRIAN LOYD BAND "Gutted" (Self-produced)

BRICK BATH "Rebuilt" (Crash Music Inc.)

BRICK BATH "I Won't Live the Lie" (Crash Music Inc.)

BRIDE "End of the Age" (Pure Metal)

BRIDE "Silence is Madness" (Millenium 8)

BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION "Here Come the Brides" (Sanctuary)

THE BRIGGS "Come All You Madmen" (SideOneDummy)

BRIGHTON "Promise of Love" (Pakaderm)

DANNY BRILL "Better Late Than Never" (Danny Brill)

BRINGERS OF DISEASE "Gospel of Pestilence" (Translation Loss)

BRING ME THE HORIZON "Sempiternal" (Epitaph)

BRITNY FOX "A Long Way to Live" (Spitfire)

BRITNY FOX "Springhead Motorshark" (Spitfire)

BROCK BRIEN "Demo" (Self-produced)

BROCK "Brock" (Self-produced)


BROKEN FACTORY WINDOWS "Bright Lights, Bright Lights!" (BFW)

BROKEN TEETH "Broken Teeth" (Perris)

THE BRONX "The Bronx" (Ferret Records)

THE BRONX "The Bronx" (Island Records)

BRONZE "Bronze" (Self-released)

THE BRONZE "The Bronze" (Independent)

THE BROUGHT LOW "Third Record" (Small Stone)

BROWBEAT "Audioviolence" (Self-produced)

BROWN JENKINS "Angel Eyes" (Moribund)

BROWN SOX "Music To Quilt By" (Self-produced)


BROWSING COLLECTION "Don't Want to Dance" (Icons Creating Evil Art)

MICHAEL BRUCE "Halo of Ice" (Pilot)

MICHAEL BRUCE "In My Own Way: The Complete Sessions" (Pilot)

BRUJERIA "Brujerizmo" (Roadrunner Records)

BUCKCHERRY "15" (10th Street)

BUCKCHERRY "Black Butterfly" (Eleven Seven/Atlantic/EMI)


BUCKETHEAD "Giant Robot" (CyberOctave)

BUCKETHEAD "Monsters and Robots" (CyberOctave)

BUCK-O-NINE "Libido" (TVT)

BUFFALO CROWS "Primitive Grind" (Self-produced)

BUFFALO RUFFUS "A Ilusão da Segurança" (Roadie Metal Music)

BUILT UPON FRUSTRATION "The Book of Mourning" (Da'Core)

BULBUL "6" (Exile on Mainstream)

BULLDOZER BREED "Promo 2005" (Independent)

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE "Scream Aim Fire" (Jive)

BULLETHEAD "Skin and Bone" (Thas' Metal Dude)

BULLET TRAIN TO VEGAS "We Put Scissors Where Our Mouths Are" (Nitro)

BULLETBOYS "Behind the Orange Curtain" (Crash Classics)

BULLETBOYS "Bulletboys" (Warner Bros.)

BULLETBOYS "Za Za" (Warner Bros.)

BULLISTIC "Chronicles of Love & Hate" (Backstreet Records)

THE BUNNY THE BEAR "Stories" (Victory Records)

BURIAL "Enlightened With Pain" (Lost Disciple Records)

BURIAL GROUND "Burial Ground" (Sampler)

BURIAL HORDES "Devotion to Unholy Creed" (Pulerized)

BURNED IN EFFIGY "Burned in Effigy" (Self-produced)

CARL BURNETT "Life Before Midi: Naked" (self-released)

BURN GUITARS "Burn Guitars" (Self-produced)

BURNING BRIDGES "Politics of Dead Friendships" (Thorp Records)

BURNING INSIDE "Apparition" (Pavement Europe / Crash Music)

BURNING SKIES "Desolation" (Lifeforce)

BURNING SKIES "Murders by Means of Existence" (Lifeforce)

BURNING THE DAY "Blacklisted" (Blue Pie)

BURNING THE DAY "In Fall She Sleeps" (Self-produced)

BURNING POINT "Burned Down the Enemy" (Metal Haven)

BURN IN SILENCE "Angel Maker" (Prosthetic)

BURNTFIELD "Hereafter" (Progressive Gears)

BURY ME DEEP "Graceheart" (Self-produced)

BURY YOUR DEAD "Beauty and the Breakdown" (Victory)

BURY YOUR DEAD "You Had Me at Hello" (Alveran / Eulogy)

BUSH "The Science of Things"

STAN BUSH AND BARRAGE  "Heaven" (Frontiers Records/Now & Then Productions)

BUSHWHACK "Bushwhack" (Self-produced)

BUTCHER BABIES "Goliath" (Century Media)

BUTCHER BABIES "Lilith" (Century Media)

BUTTONHOOK "Hear Me Roar" (Rough Stone Records)

BYFIST "Adrenaline" (Self-produced)

BYFIST "In the End" (Pure Steel)

BY NIGHT "A New Shape of Desperation" (Lifeforce)

BY NIGHT "Burn the Flags" (Lifeforce)

BYRD "Flying Beyond the 9" (Lion Music)

BYRON NEMETH GROUP "The Force Within" (Pacifica)

BYZANTINE "2003 European Sampler EP" (Self-produced)

BYZANTINE "And They Shall Take Up Serpents" (Prosthetic)

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