A-Z "A-Z" (Metal Blade)

LEE AARON "Radio On!" (Metalville)

A BAND OF ORCS "Adding Heads to the Pile" (Itchy Metal Entertainment)

A BAND OF ORCS "Warchiefs of the Apocalypse" (Grimpire)

ABIGAIL'S AFFAIR "Shattered" (Wormholedeath)

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS "In the Absence of Light" (Candlelight)

ABOMINANT "Triumph of the Kill" (Deathgasm)

THE ABOMINABLE IRON SLOTH "The Id Will Overcome" (Metal Blade)

ABORTED "The Archaic Abattoir" (Olympic)

ABORTED "Vault of Horrors" (Nuclear Blast)

ABORTUS "Judge Me Not" (Self-produced)

ABORYM "Fire Walk With Us" (WW III/Mercenary Musik)

ABOVE THIS "7L7" (BandCamp)

ABSCESS "Tormented" (Necropolis)

ABSENT SOCIETY "Opaque Eyes Seal Our Fate" (Self-produced)

ABSOLUTION "Remission of Sin" (Self-released)

ABSTRACT "Promo 2002" (Self-produced)

ABYSMAL DAWN "Obsolescence" (Relapse)

THE ACACIA STRAIN "Coma Witch" (Rise)

THE ACACIA STRAIN "The Dead Walk" (Prosthetic)

THE ACACIA STRAIN "Wormwood" (Prosthetic)

AC ANGRY "Black Denim" (Dust on the Tracks)

ACCEPT "Blood of the Nations" (Nuclear Blast)

ACCEPT "Death Row" (Pavement)

ACCEPT "Humanoid" (Napalm Records)

ACCEPT "Metal Heart" (Legacy Recordings)

ACCEPT "Objection Overruled" (CMC International)

ACCEPT "Zombie Apocalypse" (Nuclear Blast)

ACEPHALIX "Aporia" (Prank Records)

ACID BATH "When the Kite String Pops" (Rotten Records)

ACID MAMMOTH "Supersonic Megafauna Collision" (Heavy Psyche Sounnds)

ACCOMPLICE "Accomplice" (Adrenaline)

ACCOMPLICE "She's on Fire" (MBM)

ACROSS TUNDRAS "Sage" (Neurot)

THE ACCUSED "Splatter Rock" (Ichiban Old Indie)

ACCUSER "Reflections" (Century Media/Major Records)

AC/DC "Back In Black" (Epic)

AC/DC "Backtracks" (Columbia)

AC/DC "Ballbreaker" (Columbia)

AC/DC "Black Ice" (Columbia)

AC/DC "Bonfire" (EastWest)

AC/DC "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" (Atlantic)

AC/DC "Flick of the Switch" (Sony)

AC/DC "Highway to Hell" (Atlantic)

AC/DC "No Bull: The Director's Cut" DVD (Columbia/CMV)

AC/DC "Power Up" (Columbia)

AC/DC "The Razor's Edge" (Legacy Recordings)

AC/DC "Rock or Bust" (Columbia)

AC/DC "Stiff Upper Lip" (Elektra)

AC/DC "Who Made Who" (Atlantic)

A.C.T. "Silence" (Inside Out)

ACTION ACTION "An Army Of Shapes Between Wars" (Victory Records)

ADAGE "Define" (Pavement Records)

BRYAN ADAMS "So Happy It Hurts" (BMG)

A DAY TO REMEMBER "For Those Who Have Heart" (Victory Records)

ADEMA "Adema" (Arista)

ADEMA "Planets" (Earache)

ADRENALINE MOB "Men of Honor" (Elm City Music)

THE ADICTS "Life Goes On" (People Like You)

ADOLF CASTLE "Really Crazy Germans" (Valiant Music Productions/MetalAgen)

ADRENECHROME "Hideous Appetites" (Self-released)

ADULT CINEMA "Teaser Trailer" (Illicit Recordings)

AEON "Dark Order" (Necropolis/Deathvomit)

AEON ZEN "Enigma" (Nightmare)

AEON ZEN "Transversal" (Layered Reality Productions)

AEROSMITH "1971: The Road Starts Hear" (UMe)

AEROSMITH "Aerosmith" (Sony/Columbia)

AEROSMITH "A Little South of Sanity" (Geffen)

AEROSMITH "Get Your Wings" (Sony)

AEROSMITH "Honkin' on Bobo" (Columbia)

AEROSMITH "Just Push Play" (Sony)

AEROSMITH "Rockin' the Joint: Live at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas" (Columbia)

AEROSMITH "Permenant Vacation" (Universal Music)

AEROSMITH "Rocks" (Sony Legacy)

AEROSMITH "Toys in the Attic" (Sony)

A.F.I. "Decemberunderground" (Interscope)

A.F.I. "Sing the Sorrow" (Dreamworks)

AFTER DEATH "Retronomicon" (Iron Pegasus)

AFTERSHOK "Unfinished Business" (Self-produced)

AGAINST ME! "Americans Abroad!!! Against Me!!! Live in London!!!" (Fat Wreck)

AGALLOCH "Ashes Against the Grain" (The End)

AGALLOCH "The Serpent & The Sphere" (Profound Lore Records)

AGENT STEEL "Omega Conspiracy" (Metal Blade)

AGENT STEEL "Order of the Illuminati" (The End Records)

AGE OF NEMESIS "Psychogeist" (Magna Carta)

AGE OF NEMESIS "Terra Incognita" (Magna Carta)

AGE OF RUIN "Black Sands of the Hourglass" (Tribunal / Angelskull)

AGE OF SILENCE "Acceleration" (The End)

AGE OF SILENCE "Complications" EP (The End / Candlelight)

AGE OF RUIN "The Opium Dead" (Demo - Independent)

A GIRL A GUN A GHOST "Save This City" (Hotfoot Records)

AGRESSOR "Deathreat" (Season of Mist)

AGGRESSION A.D. "Forgotten Skeleton" (Profusion)

AGNOSTIC FRONT "Warriors" (Nuclear Blast)

AHIMSA THEORY "We Screen for Thieves" (Self-released)

AIDEN "Conviction" (Victory)

AILANTHUS "Ailanthus" EP (Self-released)

AINA "Days of Rising Doom" (The End)

AIRBOURNE "Runnin' Wild" (EMI International)

ALABAMA THUNDER PUSSY "Fulton Hill" (Relapse)


ALABAMA THUNDER PUSSY "River City Revival" (Man's Ruin)

ALAS "Absolute Purity" (Hammerheart America)

ALCATRAZZ "Born Innocent" (Silver Lining)

ALCATRAZZ "Disturbing the Peace" (Capitol)

ALCHEMIST "Organasm" (Relapse)

ALCHEMY OF FLESH "Ageless Abominations" (Redefining Darkness)

ALCHEMY X "11:59:59" (M.P.G. Productions)

ALCHEMY X "Alchemy X" (Self-produced)

ALCHEMY X "A Delicate Balance" (BMI/Plastic Giraffe)

ALESTORM "Captain Morgan's Revenge" (Napalm)

ALEXA "Alexa" (MTM Classix)

ALEXISONFIRE "Old Crows / Young Cardinals" (Vagrant)

A LIFE ONCE LOST "Hunter" (Ferret)

CARINA ALFIE "Transmission" (Self-produced)

ALGHAZANTH "Wreath of Thevetat" (Woodcut)

ALICE'S GARDEN "Alice's Garden" (Alchemist Records)

ALICE IN CHAINS "Black Gives Way to Blue" (Virgin/EMI)

ALICE IN CHAINS "Facelift" (Columbia)

ALIEN ANT FARM "Anthology" (Dreamworks/New Noize)

ALIEN GUITAR ABDUCTION "My Beliefs" (Self-produced)

ALIEN LIFE "Hope" (Self-produced)

ALL ELSE FAILED "Archetype" (Now or Never Records)

ALL ELSE FAILS "The Oracle: What Was, Is, and Could Have Been" (Suicidal Brides Records)

RUSSELL ALLEN "Atomic Soul" (Inside Out)

RUSSELL ALLEN / JORN LANDE "The Battle" (Frontiers)

ALLEN / LANDE "The Showdown" (Frontiers)

ALLIANCE "In Control" (Self-produced)

ALL HAIL THE YETI "Within the Hollow Earth" (Minus Head)

THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND "The Allman Brothers Band" (Mercury) 

THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND "At Fillmore East" (Capricorn) 

ALL OUT WAR "Assassins in the House of God" (Victory)

ALL OUT WAR "Condemned to Suffer" (Victory)

ALL OUT WAR "For Those Who Were Crucified" (Victory)

ALL OVER THE SHOP "Every Ounce of Energy" (Self-released)

ALL THAT REMAINS "A War You Cannot Win" (Razor & Tie)

ALL THAT REMAINS "Behind Silence & Solitude" (Metal Blade/Prosthetic)

ALL THAT REMAINS "The Fall of Ideals" (Razor & Tie)

ALL TOO HUMAN "Entropy" (R/R Records)

ALMAH "Fragile Equality" (Blistering)

ALMAH "Motion" (AFM Records)

ALONE "Demo" (Self-produced)

A LOVE ENDS SUICIDE "The Cycle of Hope" (Brand Name Records)

ALPHA TIGER "Beneath the Surface" (Century Media)

ALTER BRIDGE "Fortress" (Roadrunner/EMI)

ALTER BRIDGE "One Days Remains" (Wind-up)

ALTERED STATE "Get Real" (Self-produced)

ALL TOO HUMAN "Entropy" (R/R Records)

AMALGAMA "When the Dust Settles" (Self-produced)

AMALGAMA "Stainless" EP (Self-produced)

AMARANTHE "Amaranthe" (Spinefarm)

AMARANTHE "The Nexus" (Spinefarm)

AMAZE ME "Amaze Me" (Z Records)

AMBASSADOR GUN "When in Hell" (Panagea)

AMBITIONS "Stranger" (Bridge Nine)

AM CONSPIRACY "AM Conspiracy" (Burnhill Union)

AMDUSCIAS "Amduscias" (Metal Blade/Blackend)

AMEN "Death Before Musick" (EatUrMusic / Columbia)

AMEN "We Have Come For Your Parents" (Virgin)

AMENIZE "Black Sky" (Eternal Hate Records)

AMERICAN BLACK LUNG "...And They Rode Their Weapons into War" (Burning House)

AMERICAN BLACK LUNG "Sudden Departure of Vultures" (Uprising)

AMERICAN DOG "Red White Black and Blue" (Outlaw Recordings)


AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE "Trepanation" (Independent)

AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE "The War of Art" (American Recordings)

AMERICAN HERITAGE "Sedentary" (Translation Loss)


AMERICAN SPEEDWAY "Ship of Fools" (Prophase)

AMERIKAN MADE "Amerikan Made" (J Rock)

AMH "Adam and the Metal Hawks" (Illogical Records)

AMOEBIC DYSENTERY "Hospice Orgy" (Deathgasm)

AMON AMARTH "The Avenger" (Metal Blade)

AMON AMARTH "Berserker" (Metal Blade)

AMON AMARTH "The Crusher" (Metal Blade)

AMON AMARTH "Twilight of the Thunder God" (Metal Blade)

AMON AMARTH "Versus the World" (Metal Blade)

AMORPHIS "Am Universum" (Relapse)

AMORPHIS "Eclipse" (Nuclear Blast)

AMORPHIS "Elegy" (Relapse)

AMORPHIS "Magic & Mayhem - Tales from the Early Years" (Nuclear Blast)

AMORPHIS "Tuonela" (Relapse)

AMORPHIS "Silent Waters" (Nuclear Blast)

AMPLIFIED HEAT "Amplified Heat" (Arclight)

AMPLIFIED HEAT "How Do You Like the Sound of That?" (Arclight)

AMPLIFIED HEAT "In For Sin" (Arclight)


AMPS II ELEVEN "Amps II Eleven" (Smog Veil)

ANAND CLIQUE "Click." (Orchard)

ANATHEMA "A Fine Day To Exit" (KOCH)

ANATHEMA "A Natural Disaster" (KOCH)

ANATHEMA "Serenades" (Futurist/Peaceville)

ANATOMY OF A GHOST "Evanesce" (Fearless Records / Rise Records)

ANBERLIN "Blueprints for the Black Market" (Tooth & Nail)

ANBERLIN "Cities" (Tooth & Nail)

ANBERLIN "New Surrender" (Universal Republic)

ANCHORED "Listen to This" (Trynd)

ANCIENT "The Halls of Eternity" (Metal Blade)

ANCIENT "Proxima Centauri" (Metal Blade)

ANCIENT RITES "Dim Carcosa" (Black Mark)

ANCIENT SPELL "Forever in Hell" (Minotaura)

JON ANDERSON "Song of Seven: Remastered and Expanded" (Esoteric)

...AND OCEANS "A.M.G.O.D." (Century Media)

AND THIS ARMY "Doom & Space" (Self-produced)


ANDY REISERT & NATURAL DISASTER "Time of Aggression" (Self-produced)

AN END TO OCTOBER "A Feeble Attempt..." (Self-produced)

ANEKDOTEN "Chapters" (K-Scope)


ANGEL DUST "Bleed" (Century Media)

ANGEL DUST "Border of Reality" (Century Media)

ANGELES "Fire It Up" (Dark Star Records) 

ANGELS & AIRWAVES "I-Empire" (Geffen)

ANGELS & AIRWAVES "We Don't Have To Whisper" (Suretone / Geffen)

ANGELSTORM "Rise from the Ash" (Set-Fire Records)

ANGEL WITCH "As Above, So Below" (Metal Blade)

ANGLAGARD "Viljans Oga" (Mellowtronen)

ANGRA "Aurora Consurgens" (SPV)

ANGRA "Temple of Shadows" (SPV)

THE ANGRY AMPUTEES "Slut Bomb" (Dead Teenager)

ANGTORIA "Demo" (Self-produced)

ANGTORIA "God Has a Plan for Us All" (Listenable)

ANNIHILATION TIME "Annihilation Time II" (Manic Ride)

ANNIHILATOR "All For You" (The End)

ANNIHILATOR "Carnival Diablos" (Metal-Is)

ANNIHILATOR "Criteria for a Black Widow" (CMC International)


ANNIHILATOR "Schizo Deluxe" (Locomotive)

ANIMA "The Daily Grind" (Metal Blade)

ANIMALS AS LEADERS "Animals as Leaders" (Prosthetic)

ANIMALS AS LEADERS "The Joy of Motion" (Sumerian)

ANIMOSITY "Animal" (Metal Blade)

ANOTHER ANIMAL "Another Animal" (Universal / Republic)

ANOTHER BLACK DAY "Another Black Day" (Bieler Bros.)

ANOTHER DESTINY PROJECT "The Meaning of Life" (Self-produced)

ANOTHER LOST YEAR  "Alien Architect" (Mirage M�hal Records/EMP/eOne)

THE ANSWER "Never Too Late" (The End)

ANTAGONIST "World in Decline" (Prosthetic)

ANTAEUS "Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan" (Necropolis/Baphomet)

ANTERRABAE "Shakedown Tonight" (Triple Crown)

ANTHRAX "Alive 2" (Sanctuary)

ANTHRAX "Anthrology: No Hit Wonders" (Island)

ANTHRAX "The Greater of Two Evils" (Sanctuary)

ANTHRAX "For All Kings" 7-Inch Vinyl Box Set (Megaforce)

ANTHRAX "Music of Mass Destruction" (Sanctuary)

ANTHRAX "We Have Come For You All" (Sanctuary)

ANTI-HERO "Unpretty" (HER)

ANTI-KAROSHI "Crushed Neocons" (Exile on Mainstream)

ANTI-M "Damage" (Self-released)

ANTIPATHY "Imminent Peril" (Demo)

ANTIQUUS "Eleutheria" (Cruz Del Sur)

ANTIQUUS "Ramayana" (Self-produced)

ANTI TANK NUN "Fire Follow Me" (Metal Mind)

ANTITHESIS "Dying for Live" (Nightmare Records)

ANTLER "Antler" (Tortuga / Mad Oak)

ANTON TSYGANKOV PROJECT "Anti" (Self-released)

ANUBIS GATE "Covered in Colours" (Nightmare Records)

ANUBIS GATE "Purification" (Locomotive)

ANVIL "Hope in Hell" (The End Records)

ANVIL "This is Thirteen" (VH-1 Classics)

ANVIL "Impact is Imminent" (AFM Records)

ANYONE "Anyone" (Roadrunner)

APPALOOZA "The Holiest of Holies" (Ripple Music)

APARTMENT 26 "Within" (Self-produced/demo)

APARTMENT 26 "Music for the Massive" (Atlantic)

APE "And Then There Were 2" (Barred Records)

APE "Survival of the Fittest" (Barred Records)

APE VERMIN "Andromedas Colossus" (Ape Vermin)

APEIRON "Among the Lost" (Last Scream)

A PERFECT CIRCLE "Mer de Noms" (Virgin)

A PERFECT CIRCLE "Thirteenth Step" (Virgin)

APEX THEORY "The Apex Theory" (Dreamworks Records)

APEX THEORY "Topsy Turvy" (Dreamworks Records)

APHONIC THRENODY "The Great Hatred" (Transcending Obscurity)

APOCALYPTICA "Cult" (Spitfire)

APOCALYPTICA "Plays Metallica by Four Cellos" (Mercury)

APOCALYPTICA "Worlds Collide" (Jive)

APOCALYPTIC VISIONS "Doomsday Device" (Self-released)

APOLLYON SUN "Sub" (Mayan Records)

APRIL ETHEREAL "Advent" (Conquest Records)

JOHN ARCH "A Twist of Fate" (Metal Blade)

ARCH BLADE "Kill the Witch" (Rockshots Records)

ARCH ENEMY "Burning Bridges" (Century Media)

ARCH ENEMY "Dead Eyes See No Future" EP (Century Media)

ARCH ENEMY "Wages of Sin" (Century Media)

ARCHETYPE "Dawning" (CDM Productions)

ARCHETYPE "Hands Of Time" (Intromental)

ARCHITECT "Ghosts of the Salt Water Machines" (Black Market Activities)

ARCHITECTS "Here and Now" (Century Media)

ARCHONTES "Book One - The Child of Two Worlds" (Valiant Music Productions)

ARCHONTES "The World Where Shadows Come to Life" (Valiant Music Productions/MetalAgen)

ARCTIC MONKEYS "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" (Domino)

THE ARISTOCRATS "Freeze! Live in Europe 2020" (Boing!)

ARTAMENE "Ziggurat" (Self-released)

ARISE FROM THORNS "Before an Audience of Stars" (Dark Symphonies)

ARIZING "Advance" (Media Records)

ARJEN ANTHONY LUCASSEN'S STAR ONE "Space Metal" (Inside Out Music)

ARK "Burn the Sun" (Favored Nations)

ARKENSTONE "Dead Human Resource" (Casket Music)

ARMORED SAINT "La Raza" (Metal Blade)

ARMORED SAINT "Nod to the Old School" (Metal Blade)

ARMORED SAINT "Revelation" (Metal Blade)

ARTESGUITARS "Devices in PopMusic" (Rockwerk Music)

ARTHRITIC FOOT SOLDIERS "Only Beer Can Save Us Now" (Voltage)

ARTIFICIAL AGENT "Death Ray" (Streamline Records)

ARTIFICIAL AGENT "Pop Culture Disruptor" (Streamline Records)

ARTIFICIAL AGENT "Programmed to Destroy" (Streamline Records)

ARTIMUS PYLEDRIVER "Artimus Pyledriver" (DRT)

ARMSVARTNER "The Trollish Mirror" (Blackend/Metal Blade)

ARWEN "Memories of a Dream" (Arise)

AS ALL DIE "Victory" (Flood the Earth)

ASCENSION THEORY "Answers" (Nightmare)

ASCENSION THEORY "Regeneration" (Nightmare)

ASG "Blood Drive" (Volcom)

ASHEN REIGN "An Angel's Burden" (Self-produced)

ASHEN REIGN "Immortality" (Self-produced)

ASHES TO ASHES  "Cardinal VII" (DVS Records)

ASHES TO ASHES  "Shapes of Spirits" (self-produced)

ASHOKA "American Mantra" (Self-produced)

ASIA "Silent Nation" (Inside Out)

AS I LAY DYING "An Ocean Between Us" (Metal Blade)

AS I LAY DYING "Decas" (Metal Blade)

AS I LAY DYING "Frail Words Collapse" (Metal Blade)

AS I LAY DYING "The Powerless Rise" (Metal Blade)

ASKA "Avenger" (EMA Records)

ASONO "Asono" (Fishface Records)

ASRAI "Touch of the Dark" (Transmission)

AS CITIES BURN "Hell or Highwater" (Tooth and Nail)

ASSAULTER "Boundless!" (Metal Blade)

ASSAULTER "Salvation Like Destruction" (Pulverized)

THE ASSASSINATIONS "Future Blasts From the Past" (Hasheshin)


ASSKICKER "The Barley And Yeast Brain Glaze" (Self-produced)

ASSROCKERS "All Inputs" (The Living Room)

A STATIC LULLABY "A Static Lullaby" (Fearless)

ASTERIUS "A Moment of Singularity" (Cruz Del Sur)

ASTRAL "Filicetum Lunare" (World War III/Mercenary Musik/Last Episode)

ASTRAL DOORS "Jerusalem" (Metalville)

ASTRAL DOORS "Of the Son and the Father" (Locomotive)

AS YOU DROWN "Rat King" (Metal Blade)

ASYLUM "Madman Industry" (self-released)

ATAKHAMA "Existence Indifferent" (Woodcut Records)

AT ALL COST "It's Time to Decide" (Combat / KOCH)

ATHEIST "Unquestionable Presence: Live at Wacken" (Relapse)

ATTIKA 7 "Blood of My Enemies" (Rocket Science Ventures)


THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX "Boxriff" (Meteor City)

ATOMIC ROOSTER "Space Cowboy" (Marble Arch)

ATOMIC OPERA "Gospel Cola" (Metal Blade)

ATOMSHIP "The Crash of '47" (Wind-up)

ATERIAL "War Machinery" (Hellion)

ATREYU "Baptize" (Spinefarm)

ATREYU "The Curse" (Victory Records)

ATREYU "A Death-Grip on Yesterday" (Victory Records)

ATREYU "Lead Sails Paper Anchor" (Hollywood Records)

ATREYU "Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses" (Victory Records)

ATREYU "The Beautfiul Dark Side of Life" (Spinefarm)

ATROCITY "Contaminated" (Open Grave)

ATTACK OF THE RISING "Game Changer" (Weapon Records/Vanity Music Group)

ATTENTION DEFICIT Self-Titled (Magna Carta)

AT THE DRIVE-IN "Relationship of Command" (Virgin/Grand Royal)

AT THE GATES "The Nightmare of Being" (Century Media)

AT WAR WITH SELF "Acts of God" (Sluggo's Goon Music)

AT WAR WITH SELF "Torn Between Dimensions" (Laser's Edge / Free Electric Sound)

THE AUBURN SYSTEM "The Auburn System EP" (Five Point)

AUDIBLETHREAD "Polar Shifts: A Prelude to The Positive of Negative" (Expanding Music)

AUDIO ADRENALINE "Lift" (Forefront)

AUDIOGASM "Rain Machine" (Dreamscape)

AUDIOSLAVE "Audioslave" (Epic)

AUDIOSLAVE "Out of Exile" (Epic)

AUDIOSLAVE "Revelations" (Epic / Interscope)

AUGUST BURNS RED "Constellations" (Solid State)

AURA "A Different View from the Same Side" (My Kingdom)

AURORA K "11th Hour" (Self-produced)

AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE "Double Brutal" (Metal Blade)

AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE "Total Brutal" (Metal Blade)

AUTHORITY ZERO "A Passage In Time" (Lava Records)

AUTHORITY ZERO "Rhythm + Booze" (Suburban Noize)

AUTHORITY ZERO "The Tipping Point" (Hardline Entertainment)

AUTOMAG 'Hellbound" (Rockadrome)

AUTOMATIC ANIMAL "Automatic Animal" (Self-produced)

AUTOREVERSE "Countless Monsters" (Self-produced)

AUTUMNBLAZE "Perdition Diaries" (Prophecy)

AUTUMN'S DAWN "Gone" (Eisenwald)

AUTUMN TEARS "Promotional Sampler Compilation" (Dark Symphonies)

AVANTASIA "Lost in Space Parts 1 & 2" (Nuclear Blast)

AVANTASIA "The Scarecrow" (Nuclear Blast)

AVENGED SEVENFOLD "Avenged Sevenfold" (Warner Bros.)

AVENGED SEVENFOLD "City of Evil" (Warner Bros.)

AVENGED SEVENFOLD "Life is But a Dream" (Warner Bros.)

AVENGED SEVENFOLD "Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough" (Warner Bros.)

AVENGED SEVENFOLD "Waking the Fallen" (Hopeless)

AVULSED "Gorespattered Suicide" (Metal Age)

AVULSED "Nullo" (Ibex Moon)

THE AWESOME MACHINE "Demo" (Self-produced)

AWKWARD THOUGHT "Ruin A Good Time" (Thorp)

AXAMENTA "Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture" (Shiver Records)

AXE "The Albums, 1979-1983" (Deadline)

AXE "The Crown" (MTM Music)

AXE "Live in America 1981" (NEH Records)

AXE "Twenty Years, Volume II" (MTM Records)

AXENSTAR "Far From Heaven" (Arise)

AXENSTAR "The Inquisition" (Arise)

AXENSTAR "Perpetual Twilight" (Arise)

AXIS POWERS "Marching Towards Destruction" (Pulverised)

AXTION "Look Out for the Night" (Retrospect)

AXXIS "Paradise in Flames" (Locomotive)

AZTEC JADE "Paradise Lost" (Adrenaline)

AZURE "King of Stars - Bearer of Dark" (Deathgasm)

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