CACTUS "V" (Escapi)

CADAVER "Necrosis" (Candlelight USA)

CADAVERIA "The Shadows of Madame" (Triple Silence / Scarlet)

CAFFIENDS "Dissonance is Beauty" (459 Audio Recreations)

CAGE "Astrology" (World War III)

CAGE "Darker Than Black" (Phantom)

CAGE "Hell Destroyer" (DA Records)

CAGE "Science of Annihilation" (Heavy Metal Media)

CAIN'S ALIBI "Sanctified" (Nightmare Records)

CAKE "Fashion Nugget" (Capricorn)

CALABRESE "III: They Call Us Death" (Spookshow)

CALABRESE "The Traveling Vampire Show" (Spookshow)

CALICO SYSTEM "The Duplicated Memory" (Eulogy)


CALLENISH CIRCLE "Flesh_Power_Dominion" (Metal Blade Records)

CALLENISH CIRCLE "My Passion / Your Pain" (Metal Blade Records)

CALL ME NO ONE "Last Parade" (Asylum)

CAMAROSMITH "Camarosmith" (Dead Teenager)

PHIL CAMPBELL "Old Lions Still Roar" (Nuclear Blast)

CAMPGROUND "Pastor Pasture" (Local Cannery Recording Co.)

CAMPGROUND EFFECT "The Flight Seat" (Self-produced)

CAMPGROUND EFFECT "Kindling" (Self-produced)

CANDIRIA "300 Percent Destiny" (Century Media)

CANDIRIA "The COMA Imprint" (Lakeshore Records)

CANDIRIA "Process of Self-Development" (MIA Records)

CANDLEBOX "Candlebox" (Maverick)

CANDLEBOX "Happy Pills" (Maverick)

CANDLEBOX "Into the Sun" (Silent Majority)

CANDLEBOX "Wolves" (Pavement Music)

CANDLEMASS "Documents of Doom" DVD (Escapi / Two Headed Dog)

CANDYGRAM FOR MONGO "Candygram for Mongo" (CF Media)

CANNAE "Gold Becomes Sacrifice" (Prosthetic Records)

CANNIBAL CORPSE "A Skeletal Domain" (Metal Blade)

CANNIBAL CORPSE "Bloodthirst" (Metal Blade)

CANNIBAL CORPSE "The Evisceration Plague" (Metal Blade)

CANNIBAL CORPSE "Gore Obsessed" (Metal Blade)

CANNIBAL CORPSE "Live Cannibalism" (Metal Blade)

CANNIBAL CORPSE "The Wretched Spawn" (Metal Blade)

CANOBLISS "Demon Angel" (Self-produced)

CANOBLISS "Liberation of Dissonance" (Self-produced)

CANOBLISS "Man is the Enemy" (Self-produced)

CANOBLISS "Psychothermia" (Self-produced)

JERRY CANTRELL "Degradation Trip" (Roadrunner)

CANVAS "Lost In Rock" (Prosthetic / Metal Blade)

CANVAS SOLARIS "The Atomized Dream" (Sensory)

CANVAS SOLARIS "Chromosphere" (Divebomb)

CANVAS SOLARIS "Irradiance" (Sensory)

CANVAS SOLARIS "Penumbra Diffuse" (Tribunal)

CANVAS SOLARIS "Sublimation" (Tribunal)

CAPRICORNS "River, Bear Your Bones" (Rise Above)

CAR BOMB "Car Bomb" (Self-produced)

CAR BOMB "w^w^^w^w"" (Relapse; 2012)

CARBON 9 "COTM" (Self-produced)

JOE CARDAMONE "Quarentina" (Sonic Ritual)

THE CARDINAL EFFECT "Red Light Carousel" (Tribunal)

LARRY CARLTON / STEVE LUKATHER "No Substitutions: Live in Osaka" (Favored Nations)

CARNIFEX "The Diseased and the Poisoned" (Victory)

CARNIFEX "Until I Feel Nothing" (Victory)

GYPSY CARNS "The Watchman" (Trailer Trash)

CAROLINA LIAR "Coming to Terms" (Atlantic)

CARPATHIAN "Isolation" (Deathwish)

JOHN CARPENTER "Ghosts of Mars" (Varese Sarabande)

THE CARS "Candy-O" (Elektra)

SYDNEI CARVALHO / ALEX MARTINHO "Intensity" (Digital Technologica Amazonia)

SYDNEI CARVALHO / ALEX MARTINHO "Intuition" (Digital Technologica Amazonia)

CARVED IN STONE "Carved In Stone" (Independent Demo)

CASANATRA "Is This Tonight?" (Demo)

CASANATRA "Wood and Glass" (Blue Worm)

CASSIUS "I am Jim Jones" (Lifeforce)

CASTERO "Consequence of Thoughts" (Self-released)

CASTLE "Blacklands" (Prosthetic)

TOMMY CASTRO "Painkiller" (Blind Pig Records)

CATASTROPHIC "The Cleansing" (Metal Blade)

CHRIS CATENA "Booze, Brawds and Rockin' Hard" (Versailles)

CATERINE "Fear - Pain - Love" (Caterine Music)

CATCH 22 (New Jersey) "Alone in A Crowd" (VictoryRecords)

CATCH 22 (Ohio) "Soulreaper: Evilution/Devilution" (Metal on Metal)

CATCHIN' 22 "Can't Steal Our Spirit" (US Records)

CATEGORY 5 "Off the Ivory Coast" (Reeltime)

CATHEDRAL "Endtyme" (Earache)

CATHEDRAL "The VIIth Coming" (Spitfire)

BOB CATLEY "Middle Earth" (Frontiers/Now & Then)

CAUGHT OFF GUARD "Caught Off Guard" (Self-produced)

CAULDRON "Burning Fortune" (Earache)

CAULDRON "Chained to the Nite" (Earache)

CAULDRON "Tampering with the Unnatural" (Headrush)

CAUSTIC LYE "That That Is Is" (Fervid)

CAUTERIZE "So Far From Real" (Wind-Up)

CAVE IN "Antenna" (RCA)

CAVE IN "Perfect Pitch Black" (Hydrahead Records)

CAVO "Sounds from the Hollow" EP (Eleven Seven)

CEA SERIN "Where Memories Combine" (Nightmare)

CEASE TO EXIST "Cease to Exist" (Demo)

CELAN "Halo" (Exile on Mainstream)

CELEBRATUM "Instinct" (Metal Age)

CELESTIAL DAWN "Genesis" (Self-produced)

CELESTIAL WIZARD "Winds of the Cosmos" (Self-produced)

CELESTY "Legacy of Hate" (Arise Records)

CELESTY "Reign of Elements" (Arise Records)

CELLBLOCK ONE "Cellblock One" (Self-released)

CELLDWELLER "Celldweller" (Esion Media / Position)

CELLOUT "Superstar Prototype" (Nuerra Records)

CELTIC LEGACY "Guardian of Eternity" (Self-produced)

CENTENARY "Death ... The Final Frontier" (CDN Records)

CENTINEX "Hellbrigade" (Repulse Records)

CENTURY "Black Ocean" (Prosthetic)

CEPHALIC CARNAGE "Anomalies" (Relapse)

CEPHALIC CARNAGE "Exploiting Dysfunction" (Relapse)

CEPHALIC CARNAGE "Misled by Certainty" (Relapse)

CEPHALIC CARNAGE "Xenosapien" (Relapse)

CEREBUS "The Cage of Existence" (Hell and Death)

CEREBUS "What Have We Become?" (Hell and Death)

CEREBUS EFFECT "Acts of Deception" (Self-produced)

CESSATION OF LIFE "Kill You Again" (Self-produced)

CHACH "To Destroy Your Boyfriend's Confidence" (Self-produced)

CHAIN COLLECTOR "Masquerade" (Sound Riot)

CHAIN LINK FAITH "Chain Link Faith" (Full Well)

CHAINSNAP "Hollow" (Self-produced)

CHAMBERS "Old Love" (Self-released)

CHAOS BREED "Unleashed Carnage" (Crash / Low Frequency)

CHAOS CODE "Propaganda" (Self-produced)

CHAPELBLAQUE "Hymnals of the Lastdays" (Bethany Records)

CHARETTA "A Nation Distracted" (Self-released)

CHARIOT OF SHAME "Chariot of Shame" (Self-produced)

CHARLIE HUSTLE "Celebration for the Bride" (Reason Y Records)

CHARLUS "Tragic Accident" (Self-produced)

CHARM CITY DEVILS "Sins" (Fat Lady Music)

CHARRED "Prayers of Malediction" (Horror Pain Gore Death)

CHASTAIN "We Bleed Metal" (Leviathan)

CHEAP SEX "Headed for a Breakdown" (Punkcore)

CHEAP TIME "Wallpaper Music" (In the Red Records)

CHEAP TRICK "Bang, Zoom, Crazy...Hello" (Big Machine)

CHEAP TRICK "Heaven Tonight" (Epic)

CHEAP TRICK "In Another World" (BMG Rights Management)

CHEAP TRICK "The Latest" (Cheap Trick Unlimited)

CHEAP TRICK "Music For Hangovers" (Cheap Trick)

CHEAP TRICK "Music For Hangovers" (DVD) (Rhino)

CHEAP TRICK "Rockford" (Cheap Trick Unlimited / Big3 Records)

CHEAP TRICK "Sessions @ AOL" (iTunes / Big3 Records)

CHEAP TRICK "Special One" (Cheap Trick Unlimited / Big3 Records)

THE CHELSEA SMILES "Thirty Six Hours Later" (Acetate)

CHEMICAL BURN "Three Song Sampler" (Self-released)

CHEMICAL DISTANCE "The Pain and the Progress" (Bluntface)

CHERRY STREET "Buster Cherry" (Perris Records)

CHEVA "Cheva" (Self-produced)

CHEVELLE "Hats Off to the Bull" (Epic)

CHEVELLE "La Gargola" (Epic)

CHEVELLE "Niratias" (Epic)

CHEVELLE "This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)" (Epic)

CHEVELLE "Vena Sera" (Epic)

CHEVELLE "Wonder What's Next" (Epic)

CHICKENFOOT "III" (Entertainment One)

CHICKENFOOT "Chickenfoot" (Fontana)

CHIGGER RED "Hammered" (Roadtooth)

CHIGGER RED "The Hard Road" (Roadtooth)

CHILDREN OF BODOM "Are You Dead Yet?" (Spinefarm)

CHILDREN OF BODOM "Blooddrunk" (Spinefarm)

CHILDREN OF BODOM "Follow the Reaper" (Nuclear Blast)

CHILDREN OF BODOM "Hatebreeder" (Nuclear Blast/Spinefarm)

CHILDREN OF BODOM "Something Wild" (Nuclear Blast)

CHILDREN OF BODOM "Skeletons in the Closet" (Spinefarm)

CHILDREN OF BODOM "Tokyo Warhearts" (Spinefarm)

CHILDREN OF BODOM "You're Better Off Dead" Single (Spinefarm)

CHIMAIRA "The Impossibility of Reason" (Roadrunner)

CHIMAIRA "Infection" (Roadrunner)

CHIMAIRA "Pass Out of Existence" (Roadrunner)

CHIMAIRA "Resurrection" (Ferret)

CHINCHILLA "Madness" (Metal Blade)

CHINCHILLA "Madtropolis" (Metal Blade)

CHIODOS "All's Well That Ends Well" (Equal Vision)

FABRIZIO CHIRUZZI "Gates of Doom" (Panastudio Productions)

CHORD "Flora" (Neurot)

CHOSEN "Resolution" (Self-released)

CHRIS A. "A Vulgar Display of Power" (Book) (MJS)

JOHN CHRIST "Flesh Caffeine" (Tang Records)

CHRISTINE "Badasser" (Supernova)

DANIEL CHRISTOPHERSON "One Zillion Guitars" (Scrunchy Cat Records)

CHROMA KEY "Graveyard Mountain Home" (InsideOut)

CHROME DIVISION "Booze, Broads and Beezelbub" (Nuclear Blast)

CHROME HELMET "Full Circle" (Sin Klub)

CHROME MOLLIE "Chrome Mollie" (All Hard Rock)

CHURCH OF MISERY "Houses of the Unholy" (Rise Above)

CHURCH OF MISERY "Master of Brutality" (Southern Lord)

CHURL "Churl" (Grub Records)

CIA "Attitude" (Screaming Ferret)

CINEMA8 "Cinema8" (The Telegraph Company)


THE CINEMATICS "A Strange Education" (TVT Records)

CIPHER SYSTEM "Central Tunnel 8" (Lifeforce)

CIRCA SURVIVE "Descensus" (Sumerian Records)

CIRCA SURVIVE "Violent Wave" (Sumerian Records)

CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN "The Genocide Machine" (Necropolis/Deathvomit)

CIRCLE II CIRCLE "The Middle of Nowhere" (Locomotive)

CIRCLE II CIRCLE "Watching in Silence" (AFM)

CIRCUIT "Eau De Humanity" (WEA)

CIRCULINE "Circulive: New View" (Inner Nova Music)

CIRCUS "Circus" (Locomotive)

CIRCUS MAXIMUS "The 1st Chapter" (Sensory)

CIRITH UNGOL "Dark Parade" (Metal Blade)

CIRITH UNGOL "Forever Black" (Metal Blade)

CIRITH UNGOL "Frost & Fire" (Metal Blade)

CIRITH UNGOL "King of the Dead" (Metal Blade)

CIRITH UNGOL "Paradise Lost" (Restless)

CIRROSIS "Reddando Desesperacion" (Arte Virtual)

CITIZEN KING "Mobile Estates" (Warner Bros.)

CITY OF FIRE "City of Fire" (Candlelight)

CIVIL UNREST "Civil Unrest" (Self-produced)

CKY "An Answer Can Be Found" (Island/Def Jam)

CKY "Infiltrate - Destroy - Rebuild" (Island)

CKY "Carver City" (Roadrunner)

FAST EDDIE CLARKE "It Ain't Over Till It's Over" (Griffin)

GILBY CLARKE "99 Live" (Spitfire)

GILBY CLARKE "The Hangover" (Spitfire)

GILBY CLARKE "Rubber" (Spitfire)

GILBY CLARKE "Swag" (Spitfire)

THE CLARKS "Fast Moving Cars" (Razor & Tie)

THE CLASH "Live at Shea Stadium" (Sony Legacy)

THE CLASH "Sandinista!" (Epic)

CLASSIC CASE "Dress to Depress" (Fiddler Records / Help Records)

CLASSLESS ACT "Welcome to the Show" (Better Noise Music)

CLAW HAMMER "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are NOT Devo!" (Sympathy for the Record Industry)

ANDREW DICE CLAY "Face Down, Ass Up" (SFO/The Right Stuff)

THE CLAY PEOPLE "The Clay People" (Mercury/Slipdisc)

THE CLAY PEOPLE "Waking the Dead" (Ryko)

THE CLAYMORDS "...More Sombre Than Life" (Self-produced)

LES CLAYPOOL "Of Fungi and Foe" (Prawn Song)

LES CLAYPOOL "Of Whales and Woe" (Prawn Song)

DAVID JUDSON CLEMMONS "Lights for the Living" (Village Slut Records)

click. "Failure" (Supertone Records)

click. "Gently Unraveling" (Fowl Records)

CLINGING TO THE TREES OF A FOREST FIRE "Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation" (Prosthetic)

CLOCKCLEANER "The Hassler" (Manic Ride)

CLOCKWISE "Healthy Manipulation" (RCA)

CLOKSEED "So That All May Witness" (Demo)

CLOSER "A Darker Kind of Salvation" (Pulverized)

CLOSER THAN KIN "Dead Flowers For a Dying Lover" (All About Records)

CLOSER THAN KIN "The Machineries of Breath" (Punkutation Records)

CLOUDSCAPE "Crimson Skies" (Nightmare)

CLOWN ALLEY "Circus of Chaos" (Southern Lord)

CLUTCH "Blast Tyrant" (DRT Entertainment)

CLUTCH "Book of Bad Decisions" (Weathermaker)

CLUTCH "Earth Rocker" (Weathermaker)

CLUTCH "The Elephant Riders" (Columbia)

CLUTCH "Jam Room" (River Run Records)

CLUTCH "Live at the Googolplex" (Megaforce)

CLUTCH "Psychic Warfare" (Weathermaker)

CLUTCH "Pure Rock Fury" (Atlantic)

CLUTCH "Robot Hive: Exodus" (DRT Entertainment)

CLUTCH "Strange Cousins from the West" (Weathermaker)

CLUTCH "Transnational Speedway League: Anthems, Anecdotes, and Undeniable Truths" (EastWest)

COAL CHAMBER "Chamber Music" (Roadrunner)

COAL CHAMBER "Dark Days" (Roadrunner)

COAL CHAMBER "Giving the Devil His Due" (Roadrunner)

COALESCE "Ox" (Relapse)

COBRAKILL "Serpent's Kiss" (Frontiers Music SRL)

COBRA SPELL "666" (Napalm Records)

MARCEL COENEN "Guitar Talk" (Lion Music)

JOE COFFEE "When the Fabric Don't Fit the Frame" (I Scream)

COHEED AND CAMBRIA "Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness" (Equal Vision)

COHEED AND CAMBRIA "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth" (Equal Vision)

COHEED AND CAMBRIA "The Second Stage Turbine Blade" (Equal Vision)

COLD "13 Ways to Bleed on Stage" (Flip/A&M)

COLDWORKER "Rotting Paradise" (Relapse)

COLISEUM "Goddamage" (Manic Ride Records)

COLISEUM "No Salvation" (Reprise)

COLLAPSE 7 "Supernova Overdrive" (Noisehead)

COLLATERAL DAMAGE "The Carnival" (Spider Rock)

COLLECTIVE SOUL "Dosage" (Atlantic)

COLLECTIVE SOUL "Rabbit" (Roadrunner)


COLOR WALL "The View From Above" (Lazy Suzan)

COLPORTER "Sovereign Mind" (Self-produced)

COMA "Excess" (Armoury)

COMADOSE "Re-Up" (Screaming Ferret Wreckords)

COMEBACK KID "Broadcasting ..." (Victory)

combinationLOCK "Demo 2000" (Self Produced)

combinationLOCK "Oh ..." (Self Produced)

THE COMMERCIALS "It's Not What You Say ... It's How You Say It" (Blackout)

THE COMPANY BAND "Pros & Cons" (Venture Capital)

COMPRESSION Self-Titled (Tolerance)

THE COMPULSIONS "21 Powers Street" (Self-produced)

CONCEPT 7 "Extract" EP (Earthspike)

CONCEPT 7 "The Undeniable Constant" (Earthspike)

CONCRETE BLONDE "Bloodletting" (IRS)

CONCRETE BLONDE "Live in Brazil" (Ark 21)

CONDEMNED "And That's How I Found Them" (Self-produced)


CONDITION RED "Condition Red" (Lion Music)

STEVE CONE "Crazy Ei8hts" (Dilligaf)

STEVE CONE "Distortion" (Self-produced)

STEVE CONE "In My Bones" (Dilligaf)

STEVE CONE "Unfinished Business" (Dilligaf)

STEVE CONTE "Bronx Cheer" (Wicked Cool Records)

CONFUSION "Enter Alone" (Diamond Snake)

CONFUSION "Genesis" (Mille Records)

CONQUEST "End of Days" (Dark Star Records)

CONQUEST "No Boundaries" (Self-produced)

CONQUEST "Under the Influence" (Dark Star Records)

CONSPIRACY "Concordat" (Pulverised)

CONSPIRACY A.D. "Humanity = Destruction: The End is Near" (Crash)

CONTRADICTION "The Voice of Hatred" (Locomotive)

CONTRIVE "The Internal Dialogue" (Shock Music Oz)

CONTRIVE "The Meaning Unseen" (Shock Music Oz)

CONTROL DENIED "The Fragile Art of Existence" (Nuclear Blast Records)

CONVERGE "Bloodmoon: 1" (Epitaph) 

ALICE COOPER "Along Came a Spider" (SPV)

ALICE COOPER "A Paranormal Evening at the Olympia Paris" (earMusic)

ALICE COOPER "Billion Dollar Babies" Deluxe Edition (Warner Archives/Rhino)

ALICE COOPER "Billion Dollar Babies" SACD (Audio Fidelity)

ALICE COOPER "The Breadcrumbs EP" (earMusic)

ALICE COOPER "Brutally Live" CD/DVD Combo (Eagle Vision)

ALICE COOPER "Brutal Planet" (Spitfire)

ALICE COOPER "Da Da" (Warner Bros.)

ALICE COOPER "Detroit Stories" (earMusic)

ALICE COOPER "Dirty Diamonds" (New West Records)

ALICE COOPER "DragonTown" (Spitfire)

ALICE COOPER "DragonTown" Special Edition (Spitfire)

ALICE COOPER "The Eyes of Alice Cooper" (Eagle Entertainment)

ALICE COOPER "From the Inside" (Warner Bros.)

ALICE COOPER "Flush the Fashion" (Warner Bros.)

ALICE COOPER "Good to See You, Alice Cooper" (Shout! Factory)

ALICE COOPER "Hey, Stoopid" (Epic)

ALICE COOPER "The Last Temptation" (Sony)

ALICE COOPER "The Life & Crimes of Alice Cooper" (WEA/Rhino)

ALICE COOPER "Live from the Astroturf" (earMusic)

ALICE COOPER "Mascara & Monsters: The Best of Alice Cooper" (WEA/Rhino)

ALICE COOPER "Muscle of Love" (Warner)

ALICE COOPER "Paranormal" (earMusic)

ALICE COOPER "Raise the Dead: Live at Wacken" (UDR)

ALICE COOPER "Raise Your Fist and Yell" (MCA)

ALICE COOPER "Road" (earMusic)

ALICE COOPER "School's Out" (Warner Bros.)

ALICE COOPER "Super Duper Alice Cooper" (Eagle Vision)

ALICE COOPER "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" (UME)

ALICE COOPER "Welcome to My Nightmare" (Atlantic)

ALICE COOPER "Welcome to My Nightmare / The Nightmare 1975 TV Special" (Eagle Vision)

COPPER "The Fragile Fall" (Rockpie Records)

COPPERHEAD "Live & Lost" (Eastwinds Records)

COPREMESIS "Muay Thai Ladyboys" (Paragon)

CORE DEVICE "Core Device" (Demo)

CORE DEVICE "Our Fellowship Eternal" (Self-released)

CHRIS CORNELL "Carry On" (Suretone/Interscope)

CHRIS CORNELL "No One Sings Like You Do Anymore" (A&M)

CORNERS OF SANCTUARY "Metal Machine" (Metalizer Records)

CORNERSTONE (Austria) "Somewhere in America" (Atom Records)

CORNERSTONE (Denmark) "Once Upon Our Yesterdays" (Escapi)

CORPUS CHRISTI "The Darker Shades of White" (Victory)

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY "America's Volume Dealer" (Koch)


CORROSION OF CONFORMITY "Corrosion of Conformity" (Candlelight)

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY "In the Arms of God" (Sanctuary)

CORVUS CORAX "The Atavistic Triad" (Dark Symphonies)

COSMIC WOOL "Cosmic Wool" (Nemesis Records)

THE COTTON SOETERBOEK BAND "Twisted" (Caf Fine Records)

COUNTER-WORLD EXPERIENCE "Pulsar" (Hansel & Gretel)

COUNTERVAIL "In the Event of an Unscheduled Landing" (Status Recordings)

COUNT THE STARS "Never Be Taken Alive" (Victory Records)

COURT JESTER "Gina" (Cellar Records)

COUSIN SLEAZE "Cousin Sleaze" (Self-produced)

COVENANT "Nexus Polaris" (Nuclear Blast)

COVERED CALL "Money Never Sleeps" (Blistering)

COWBOY MOUTH "Mercyland" (MCA)

CRADLE OF FILTH "Bitter Suites to Succubi" (Spitfire)

CRADLE OF FILTH "Cruelty And The Beast" (Mayhem/Fierce)

CRADLE OF FILTH "Damnation and a Day" (Epic / Red Ink)

CRADLE OF FILTH "Dusk and Her Embrace" (Fierce)

CRADLE OF FILTH "From the Cradle to Enslave E.P." (Metal Blade/Music For Nations)

CRADLE OF FILTH "Heavy, Left-Handed & Candid" (DVD) (Abracadaver)

CRADLE OF FILTH "Lovecraft & Witch Hearts" (Koch Records/Music For Nations)

CRADLE OF FILTH "Midian" (Koch Records)

CRADLE OF FILTH "No Time To Cry" (Koch Records/Music For Nations)

CRADLE OF FILTH "Nymphetamine" (Roadrunner)

CRADLE OF FILTH "Thornography" (Roadrunner)

CRADLE TO GRAVE "Cradle to Grave" (Year of the Sun Records)

CRADLE TO GRAVE "Lifespan Sessions 2003" (Self-produced)

CRADLE TO GRAVE "Texas Sun" (Year of the Sun Records)

CRAIG ERICKSON PROJECT "Shine" (Grooveyard Records)

CRASHDIET "The Unattractive Revolution" (Universal)

CRASH KELLY "Electric Satisfaction" (Liquor and Poker)

CRASH KELLY "One More Heart Attack" (Warrior)

CRASH ROMEO "Minutes to Miles" (Trustkill)

CRASH STREET KIDS "Sweet Creatures" (Vanity Music Group)

CRAZED "Game Over" (Profane Records)

CRAZY LIXX "Two Shots at Glory" (Frontiers Music; SRL)

CRAZY SWEDES "Crazy Swedes" (Handsome Spider)

CRAZY TOWN "The Gift of Game" (Sony)

CREAM PIE "Dirty Job" (Self-produced)

CREMATORY "Believe" (Nuclear Blast)

CREOZOTH "Creozoth" (New Media)

CRIMSON FALLS "The True Face of Human Nature" (Shiver Records)

CRIMSON GLORY "Astronomica" (Spitfire)

CRIMSON ORCHID "A Chosen Path" (Self-produced)

THE CRINGE "Scratch the Surface" (Listen)

CRIONICS "Human Error - Ways to Self-Destruction" (Candlelight USA / Empire Records)

CRISIS "Like Sheep Led to Slaughter" (The End)

CRITICAL BILL "Downtown the World" (Westbound Records)

CROATAN "Violent Passion Surrogate" (Man's Ruin Records)

CRONIC "Noi" (Self-produced)

CROOKED "Crooked" (Demo)

CROSSBONES' CREED "Troublemaker" (Self-released)

CROSSBREED "Synthetic Division" (Artemis)

CROSS CANADIAN RAGWEED "Mission California" (Universal South)

CROSS EXAMINATION "Menace II Sobriety" (Organized Crime)

CROSSFADE "Crossfade" (Columbia)

CROSSFIRE "Dirty Games" (Perris)

CROWBAR "Equilibrium" (Spitfire)

CROWBAR "Lifesblood for the Downtrodden" (Candlelight)

CROWBAR "Sludge: History of Crowbar" (Spitfire)

CROWBAR "Symmetry in Black" (Century)

CROWHEAD "Frozen" (My Kingdom)

THE CROWN "Cobra Speed Venom" (Metal Blade)

THE CROWN "Crowned in Terror" (Metal Blade)

THE CROWN "Deathrace King" (Metal Blade)

THE CROWN "Possessed 13" (Metal Blade)

THE CROWN "Royal Destroyer" (Metal Blade)

CROWN OF THORNS "Faith" (Wicked Cool Records)

CROWNE "Operation Phoenix" (Frontiers Music SRL)

CRUACHAN "The Morrigan's Call" (Candlelight)

CRUCIFIED BARBARA "In Distortion We Trust" (Liquor and Poker)

CRUMBLE "Disconnect" (Self-produced)

CRUSH "Don't Be Afraid of Rock'n'Roll" (Self-produced)


CRUXITER "Paradise Found" (Demo)

CRUZH "Tropical Thunder" (Frontiers Music; SRL)

CRY OF LOVE "Brother" (Columbia)

CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER "Convicted" (Relapse)

CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER "Money Talks" (Relapse)

CRYPTOPSY "Whisper Supremacy" (Century Media)

CRYPTS OF DESPAIR "All Light Swallowed" (Transcending Obscurity Records)

CRYSKNIFE "Demo 2000" (Self-produced)

CRYSKNIFE "Disbelieve" (Self-produced)

THE CULT "Beyond Good and Evil" (Atlantic Records)

THE CULT "Born Into This" (Roadrunner)

THE CULT "Pure Cult: The Singles 1984 - 1995" (Beggars Banquet)

CULT OF DAATH "The Grand Torturers of Hell" (Deathgasm)

CULT OF LUNA "Salvation" (Earache)

THE CURE "The Cure" (Geffen)

WARREN CUCCURULLO "Thanks 2 Frank" (Imago)

CULTED "Of Death and Ritual" (Relapse)

CURSE OF DISOBEDIENCE "Curse of Disobedience" (Self-produced)

CURSE OF DISOBEDIENCE "Curse of Disobedience" Sampler (Self-produced)

CURSE OF DISOBEDIENCE "Reflections" (Self-produced)

CURSE OF THE GOLDEN VAMPIRE "Mass Destruction" (Ipecac)

THE CURSED "Room Full of Sinners" (Locomotive)

CUSTOM "Fast" (Artist Direct)

CUTE IS WHAT WE AIM FOR "Rotation" (2008)

CUTTERS "Sonic Wave Love" (CMC International)

CYANIDE 4 "Complex" (Self-produced)

CYBIL "Crumbs" (Self-produced)

CYBIL "Radiate" (Self-produced)

CYCLEFLY "Generation Sap" (Radioactive)

CYCO MIKO "The Mad Mad Muir Musical Tour" (Suicidal)

CYDONIA "Cydonia" (Metal Blade)

CYNIC "Traced in Air" (Season of Mist)

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