MABUS "Swollen" (Self-produced)

MACABRE "Murder Metal" (Season of Mist)

TONY MacALPINE "Chromaticity" (Shrapnel)

MACHINE HEAD "The Blackening" (Roadrunner)

MACHINE HEAD "Bloodstone & Diamonds" (Nuclear Blast)

MACHINE HEAD "Burn My Eyes" (Roadrunner)

MACHINE HEAD "Hellalive" (Roadrunner)

MACHINE HEAD "The More Things Change..." (Roadrunner)

MACHINE HEAD "Of Kingdom and Crown" (Nuclear Blast)

MACHINE HEAD "Supercharger" (Roadrunner)

MACHINE HEAD "Through the Ashes of Empires" (Roadrunner)

MACHINERY "Degeneration" (Last Entertainment)

MAD AT GRAVITY "Resonance" (Artist Direct)

MADBALL "Infiltrate the System" (Ferret)

MADBALL "N.Y.H.C. EP" (Thorp)

MADDER "Static Reflux" (Self-released)

MADDOG MADDEN "Drowning in Harmony" (Self-released)

MADE OF IRON "Made of Iron" (Sonic Age)

MAD HAMPSTER "Squalor Town" (Self-released)

MADINA LAKE "From Us, Through Them, To You" (Roadrunner)

MAD MARGRITT "Animal" (Perris)

DEAN MADONIA "Shadow to Shadow: Dean Madonia's Frankenstein" (CD Baby)

MADRYGHAL "Dreamless Falling" (Self-produced)

MAEGASHIRA "The Stark Arctic" (Spare Change)

MAELSTROM "Sea of Darkness" (Self-produced)

MAGELLAN "Hundred Year Flood" (Magna Carta)

MAGENTA "Metamorphosis" (The Laser's Edge)

MAGICA "Wolves and Witches" (AFM)

MAGNETS AND GHOSTS "Be Born" (Self-produced)

MAGNET SCHOOL "Tonight We Drink ... Tomorrow We Fight the Evil at Hand" (Arclight)

MAGNITUDE 9 "Reality in Focus" (Century Media/Inside Out Music)

MAGNUM CARNAGE "Evil Never Dies" (Self-released)

MAGNUM CARNAGE "Flowers of Flesh & Blood" (Self-released)

MAHARAHJ "Repetition" (Now Or Never Records)

MAHAVATAR "Demo 2000" (Demo)

MAHAVATAR "From the Sun, the Rain, the Wind, the Soil" (Escapi)

MAJESTY OF REVIVAL "Pinnacle" (Self-released)

MAKAJODAMA "Madajodama" (The Laser's Edge)

MAKEUPYOURMIND "No Need to Travel" (Volcano Records)

THE MAKKABEES "Vol. Aleph" (Self-produced)

MALADY "Demo" (Self-produced)

MALAMUTE "Breathe Deeply, Horse" (Acerbic Noise Development)

MALEDICTIVE PIGS "Soul Surgery" (Cudgel)

MALEVOLENT CREATION "Conquering South America" (Arctic)

MALEVOLENT CREATION "Doomsday X" (Nuclear Blast)

MALEVOLENT CREATION "Invidious Dominion" (Nuclear Blast)

MALEVOLENT CREATION "Joe Black" (Pavement)

MALEVOLENT CREATION "The Will To Kill" (Arctic)

MALFUNKSHUN "Return to Olympus" (Sony / Loosegroove)

MALICIOUS DAMAGE "Sickness Amongst the Pure" (Self-produced)

MALICIOUS INTENT "Deathpop" (Independent)

MALIGNANCY "Cross Species Transmutation" (Crash)

YNGWIIE J. MALMSTEEN "Facing the Animal" (Polygram)

SEAN MALONE "Cortlandt" (Free Electric Sound / Audioimage)

MALYON "Demo" (Self-produced)

MAMBO SONS "Heavy Days" (Omnicide)

MAMBO SONS "Play Some Rock & Roll" (The Orchard / Guitar Nine)

MAMBO SONS "Racket of Three" (Omnicide / Guitar Nine)

MAMMOTH GRINDER "Underworlds" (Buck Spin)

MAMMOTH WVH "Mammoth II" (BMG Rights Management)

MAMMOTH WVH "Mammoth WVH" (EX1 Records)

THE MANDRAKE "The Burning Horizon at the End of Dawn" (Crash)

MANILLA ROAD "Invasion / Metal" (Cult Metal Classics)

MANMADE GOD "Manmade God" (American)

MANMADE GOD "Manmade God" (Demo)

MANOWAR "Gods of War" (Magic Circle)

MANOWAR "Hell on Earth Part I" (Metal Blade) DVD

MANOWAR "Hell on Earth Part III" (Metal Blade) DVD

MANOWAR "Hell on Stage Live" (Metal Blade)

MANOWAR "Warriors of the World" (Metal Blade)

MAN RAZE "Surreal" (VH-1 Classics)

MARILLION "Less is More" (Eagle Records)

MARILYN MANSON "Born Villain" (Cooking Vinyl and Hell Etc.)

MARILYN MANSON "The Golden Age of Grotesque)" (Nothing/Interscope)

MARILYN MANSON "Holy Wood" (In the Valley of the Shadow of Death)" (Nothing/Interscope)

MARILYN MANSON "The Last Tour on Earth" (Nothing/Interscope)

MARILYN MANSON "Mechanical Animals" (Nothing/Interscope)

ERIC MANTEL "The Unstruck Melody" (Holistic Music Entertainment)

MANTICORE "For Rats and Plague" (Deathgasm/Hell's Headbangers)

MAPLE CROSS "Next Chapter" (Verikauha Records)

MAPS TO THE HOLLYWOOD SCARS "Volume One" (Ocean Media)

FRANK MARINO & MAHOGANY RUSH "Eye of the Storm" (Just a Minute Records)

MAR DE GRISES "The Tatterdemalion Express" (Firebox)

MARK ST. JOHN PROJECT "Mark St. John Project" (Loch Ness Monster Records)

MARS "Metaldrone" (NTQ Records)

MICK MARS "The Other Side of Mars" (1313 LLC)

ANDY MARTIN "Brother From Another Mother" (Guitar 9)

ALEX MARTINHO / SYDNEI CARVALHO "Intensity" (Digital Technologica Amazonia)

ALEX MARTINHO / SYDNEI CARVALHO "Intuition" (Digital Technologica Amazonia)

MARTYR AD "On Earth As It Is in Hell" (Victory)

MARTYRD "This Mortal Coil" (Self-released)

ALEX MASI "In the Name of Bach" (Lion Music / Alex Masi Music)

ALEX MASI "Vertical Invader" (Metal Blade)

THE MASONS "Plymouth Rock" (Middle Class Pig Records)

MASQUERADE "Flux" (Metal Blade)

MASTERLAST "Think of the Day" (Self-produced)

MASTERMIND "Angels of the Apocalypse" (Inside Out Music America)

MASTERPLAN "Masterplan" (Painful Lust / AFM)

MASTERS OF REALITY "Welcome to the Western Lodge" (Spitfire)

MASTODON "Crack the Sky" (Relapse)

MASTODON "Emperor of Sand" (Reprise)

MASTODON "Hushed and Grim" (Reprise)

MASTODON "Leviathan" (Relapse)

MASTODON "Once More 'Round the Sun" (Relapse)

MASTODON "Remission" (Relapse)

MATCHBOX TWENTY "Exile on Mainstream" (Atlantic)

MATT'S ALTAR "Long Walks on the Sanity Highwire" (Joestown)

MATTSSON "Another Dimension" (Lion)

MATTSSON "Power Games" (Lion)

MAUDLIN OF THE WELL "Bath" (Dark Symphonies)

MAUDLIN OF THE WELL "Leaving Your Body Map" (Dark Symphonies)

MAYADOME "Near Life Experience" (Siegen Records)

JOHN MAYER "Continuum" (Columbia)

JOHN MAYER "Inside Wants Out" (Sony)

JOHN MAYER "Room For Squares" (Sony)

MAZE OF TORMENT "Death Strikes" (Necropolis)

MC5 "The Big Bang! Best of the MC5" (Rhino)

MC ROADS "No Nostalgia" (Golden Robot Records)

ROBIN MCAULEY "Standing on the Edge" (Frontiers Music SRL)

McGILL MANRING STEVENS "What We Do" (Laser's Edge)

DEAN McGINNES "The Journey of Life" (self-releaseed)

McRAD / FRONTSIDE FIVE "50-50 Split" (Fivecore)

MD.45 "The Craving" (Capitol/Slab)

MD.45 "The Craving" Re-mastered and Re-Recorded (Capitol)

MDFMK "MDFMK" (Republic/Universal)

MEATJACK "Days of Fire" (At a Loss Recordings)

MEATJACK "Meatjack" (Snipehunt Records)

MEAT  LOAF "Bat Out of Hell" (Epic Records)

MEAT  LOAF "Bat Out of Hell 2: Back Into Hell" (Geffen Records)

MEAT  LOAF "Bat Out of Hell: The Original Tour" DVD (Eagle Vision)

MEAT  LOAF "Dead Ringer" (Epic Records)

MEAT  LOAF "Hang Loose Teddy Bear" (Roadrunner)

MEAT  LOAF "Hang Loose Teddy Bear" (Roadrunner)

MEAT  LOAF "Braver Than We Are" (Savoy)

MEDIA LAB "Bleeding Memory" (Sunland Records)

MEDICINE MANN "Medicine Mann" (Demo)

MEDIUM "Terra Firma" (STW Records)

MEGADETH "Anthology: Set the World Afire" (Capitol)

MEGADETH "Cryptic Writings" (Capitol)

MEGADETH "Dystopia" (Capitol)

MEGADETH "Greatest Hits: Back to the Start" (Capitol)

MEGADETH "Hidden Treasures" (Capitol)

MEGADETH "Risk" (Capitol)

MEGADETH "Rude Awakening" DVD (Capitol)

MEGADETH "Rust In Peace" (Capitol)

MEGADETH "Super Collider" (Tradecraft)

MEGADETH "The System Has Failed" (Sanctuary)

MEGADETH "United Abominations" (Roadrunner)

MEGADETH "The World Needs a Hero" (Sanctuary)

MEGAPHONE "Exit Silent Mode" (Self-released)

MEGA VOLT MINORITY "Evolver: Chapter One" (Self-produced)

MEGGIDO "The Devil and the Whore" (Barbarian Wrath)

MELDRUM "Loaded Mental Cannon" (Record Heaven)

MELIAH RAGE "Barely Human" (Screaming Ferret Wreckords)

MELIAH RAGE "The Deep and Dreamless Sleep" (Screaming Ferret Wreckords)

MELODIC MELTDOWN "Experiencing Pain" (Self-produced)

MELODIC MELTDOWN "The Missing Link" (Self-produced)

MELODIC MELTDOWN "Second Skin" (Self-produced)

THE MELVINS "Nude With Boots" (Ipecac Recordings)

MEMBRANE "Utility of Useless Things" (Basement Apes)

MEMENTO "Beginnings" (Columbia)

MEMENTO WALTZ "Division by Zero" (Jolly Roger Records)

MEMFIS "The Wind Up" (Candlelight)

MEMORIZED DREAMS "Theater of Life" (Sound Riot)

MEMORY GARDEN "Mirage" (Metal Blade)

MEMPHIS MAY FIRE "Memphis May Fire" (Trustkill)

MEMPHIS MAY FIRE "Sleepwalking" (Trustkill)

DAVE MENEKETTI "On the Blue Side" (Orchard)

MENNEN "Freakazoid" (Escapi)

MENTAL "Get an Oxygen Tank" (Bridge 9)

MENTAL HOME "Black Art" (The End Records)

MENTAL HOME "Upon the Seas of Inner Shores" (Century Media/The End)

MERAUDER "Five Deadly Venoms" (Century Media)

MERAUDER "God Is I" (Regain)

MERCENARY "11 Dreams" (Century Media)

MERCURY RISING "Building Rome" (Dominion Records)

MERCIFUL ZERO "Merciful Zero" (Self-released)

MERCILESS DEATH "Realm of Death" (Heavy Artillery)

MERCYFUL FATE "9" (Metal Blade)

MERENDINE ATOMICHE "The Holy Metal" (NoBrain)


MERENDINE ATOMICHE "Walk Across Fire" (Self-produced)

MERIS "Meris" (Demo)

MESHUGGAH "Catch Thirty-Three" (Nuclear Blast)

MESHUGGAH "Chaosphere" (Nuclear Blast)

MESHUGGAH "Contradictions Collapse/None" (Nuclear Blast)

MESHUGGAH "Destroy Erase Improve" (Nuclear Blast)

MESHUGGAH "obZen" (Nuclear Blast)

MESHUGGAH "Rare Trax" (Nuclear Blast)

MESSER "Messer" (Maddpants Records)

METAKIX "Headlines" (Throatlatch Records)

METAL CHURCH "A Light in the Dark" (SPV / Steamhammer)

METAL CHURCH "Generation Nothing" (Rat Pak Records)

METAL CHURCH "This Present Wasteland" (SPV / Steamhammer)

METAL CHURCH "The Weight of the World" (SPV / Steamhammer)

METAL CHURCH "XI" (Rat Pak Records)

METALHEAD "Metal Bands Only" (Self-produced)

METALIAN "Rock Solid" (Heavy Artillery)

METALIUM "As One: Chapter Four" (Century Media)

METALIUM "Demons of Insanity: Chapter Five" (Crash)

METALIUM "Incubus: Chapter Seven" (Crash)

METALIUM "Millennium Metal: Chapter One" (Pavement)

METALIUM "Nothing to Undo: Chapter Six" (Crash)

METALLICA "72 Seasons" (Rhino/Blackened Recordings)

METALLICA "Death Magnetic" (Warner Bros.)

METALLICA "Garage, Inc." (Elektra)

METALLICA "Hardwired ... to Self-Destruct" (Blackened Records)

METALLICA "Live, Gothenburg 1987" (

METALLICA "Live, Los Angeles, CA, Great Western Forum, March 6, 2004" (

METALLICA "Live Shit: Binge & Purge" (Elektra)

METALLICA "Live Shit: Binge & Purge" DVD Edition (Elektra)

METALLICA "LuLu" (Warner Bros.)

METALLICA "Reload" (Elektra)

METALLICA "S&M" (Elektra)

METALLICA "Some Kind of Monster" (Elektra)

METALLICA "St. Anger" (Elektra)

METAMORPHOSIS "After All These Years" (Galileo)

METAMORPHOSIS "Then All Was Silent" (Galileo)

METHARIA "Metharia" (Self-Produced)

METHARIA "Promo 2003" (Self-Produced)

METHODS OF MAYHEM "Methods of Mayhem" (Universal)

MGT "Gemini Nyte" (Cleopatra)

BRET MICHAELS "Rock My World" (VH-1 Classics)

MICHAEL GRANT & THE ASSASSINS "Always the Villain" (Frontiers Music, SRL)

MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP "Tales of Rock'n'Roll: Twenty Five Years Celebration" (Armageddon)

MIDDIAN "Age Eternal" (Metal Blade)

MIDEVIL "Forced to Believe" (Latticesphere)

MIDNIGHT (Crimson Glory) "Sakada" (Black Lotus Records)

MIDNIGHT "Hellish Expectations" (Metal Blade)

MIDNIGHT "Let There Be Witchery" (Metal Blade)

MIDNIGHT CHASER "Rough and Tough" (Heavy Artillery)

MIDNIGHT FISTFIGHT "The Main Event" (Self-released)

MIDNIGHT IDOLS "Nightrulers" (Full8Me)


MIDNITE SNAKE "Midnite Snake" (Birdman)

MIDTOWN "Living Well is the Best Revenge" (MCA/Universal)

MIGGS "Insomnia" (33rd Street)

MIGHTY HIGH "Drug City" (Self-produced)

MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES "Pay Attention" (Big Rig/Island)

MIGLIORI AMICI & CO. "Best of Friends" (Vanity Music Group)

MILE MARKER ZERO "Mile Marker Zero" (Self-released)

MILE MARKER ZERO "Young Rust" (Self-released)

MILES AWAY "Consequences" (Bridge Nine)

MILES BEYOND "Miles Beyond" (Rock Revolution Records)

MILLARIUM "First Blood Running" (Hansel & Gretel)

MILLENIUM "Angelfire" (Frontiers Records/Now & Then Productions)

MILLENIUM "Hourglass" (Frontiers Records/Now & Then Productions)

MIND CYCLE "Mind Cycle" (Sonic Wave International)

MINDFLOWER "Cydonia" (Mothership Music Co.)

MINDGRINDER "MindTech" (Candlelight USA / Nocturnal Art)

MINDGRINDER "Riot Detonator" (Candlelight USA)


MINDROT "Dawning" (Relapse)

MINDROT "Soul" (Relapse)

MINK "Mink" (Grey Nurse)

MINDSET "A Bullet For Cinderella" (Noise Records)

MINISTRY "Cover Up" (13th Planet / Megaforce)

MINISTRY "From Beer to Eternity" (13th Planet)


MINISTRY "The Last Sucker" (13th Planet / Megaforce)

MINISTRY "Last Tangle in Paris" (13th Planet)

MINISTRY "The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen" (El Capo Press)

MINISTRY "Moral Hygeine" (Nuclear Blast America)

MINISTRY "Rio Grande Blood" (Megaforce)

THE MINOR TIMES "Summer of Wolves" (Prosthetic)

MINSK "With Echoes in the Movement of Stone" (Relapse)

MINUS "Halldor Laxness" (Victory)

MINUS.DRIVER "A Message For You" (Universal)

MISBEGOTTEN "Keeping Promises" (Noisehead)

MISERY "Fifteen Years of Aggression" (Self-produced)

MISERY SIGNALS "Absent Light" (Basik)

MISERY SPEAKS "Misery Speaks" (Alveran)

MISFITS "1996 - 2001: Cuts From the Crypt" (Roadrunner)

MISFITS "Famous Monsters" (Roadrunner)

MISFITS "Project 1950" (Ryko)

MISFITS MEET THE NUTLEY BRASS "Fiend Club Lounge" (Misfits Records / Ryko)

MISMO "...And to the Republic" (Mismo / Made In Productions)

MISSING 23rd "The Powers That Be" (Mankind Records)

MISSING INFINITY "Twisted Turns" (Self-produced)

MISURA "Misura" (Twist of Faith)

MITHRAS "Worlds Beyond the Veil" (Candlelight USA / Transcendence Limited)

MNEMIC "Mechanical Spin Phenomena" (Nuclear Blast)

MNQNN "Demo" (Self-produced)

MOAB "Billow" (Kemado Records)

THE MOB "Back to Queens" (Weathermaker)

MODERN DAY URBAN BARBARIANS "Sludgemouth" (self-released)

M.O.D. "Surfin' M.O.D." (Megaforce/Caroline)

MODEST MOUSE "Good News for People Who Love Bad News" (Epic)

MOE "Wormwood" (ArtistDirect)

MOJO RIB "Mojo Rib" (Nuthing Sacred)

MOKER VS. OUTCAST "Outcast Vs. Moker" (Shiver Records)

MOLLY HATCHET "25th Anniversary: Best of Re-Recorded" (SPV)

MOLLY HATCHET "Greatest Hits Live" (King Biscuit Flower Hour)

MOLLY HATCHET "Live in Hamburg" DVD/CD (SPV / Steamhammer)

MOLOTOV SOLUTION "Insurrection" (BLK Heart)

MOLOTOW "Feat. Rock & Roll" (Molotow Records)

MOLOTOW "Rocktales" (Nordic Records)

MONARCH "Future Shock" (Self-released)

MONDO GENERATOR "Cocaine Rodeo" (Southern Lord Recordings)

MONDO GENERATOR "Dead Planet" (Suburban Noize)

MON FRERE "Blood, Sweat & Swords" (Cake Records)

MONGREL "Reclamation" (THC Music)


MONSTER MAGNET "God Says No" (Divine/Priority)

MONSTER MAGNET "Monolithic Baby" (SPV)

MONSTER MAGNET "Powertrip" (A&M)


MONTROSE "The Very Best Of" (Warner Archives/Rhino)

MOONBLADDER "Dark Sky Equilibrium" (Crucial Blast)

MOONBOUND "Confession and Release" (Unsung)

MOON COVEN "Slumber Wood" (Ripple Music)

MOONKILL "Moonkill" (Self-produced)

MOONLYGHT "Progressive Darkness" (Navarre)

MOONSHINE BOOZE "Pandemonio" (Overdub Recordings)

MOONSPELL "The Butterfly Effect" (Century Media)

MOONSPELL "Memorial" (SPV)

MOONSPELL "Night Eternal" (SPV)

MOONSPELL "Under Satanae" (SPV)

ERIC MOORE AND THE GODZ "Twenty-Five Moore Years" (Outlaw)

GARY MOORE "Still Got the Blues" (Charisma)

GARY MOORE "Wild Frontier" (Virgin)

VINNIE MOORE "Defying Gravity" (Shrapnel)

VINNIE MOORE "The Maze" (Shrapnel)

VINNIE MOORE "Out of Nowhere" (Mayhem)

VINNIE MOORE "Time Odyssey" (Mercury/Squawk)

VINNIE MOORE "Vinnie Moore Live" (Shrapnel)

MORBID ANGEL "Formulas Fatal To The Flesh" (Earache)

MORBID ANGEL "Gateway to Annihilation" (Earache)

MORBID ANGEL "Heretic" (Earache)

TOM MORELLO The Nightwatchman "The Fabled City" (Epic)

MORGANA-X "Live Rehearsal Demo" (Self-produced)

MORGANA-X "Misunderstood" (Self-produced)

MORGION "Among Majestic Ruins" (Relapse)

MORGION "Cloaked by Ages, Crowned in Earth" (Dark Symphonies; 2004)

MORGION "Solinari" (Relapse)

MORGLBL "Grotesk" (The Laser's Edge / Free Electric Sound)

MORGLBL "Jazz for the Deaf" (The Laser's Edge / Free Electric Sound)

MORGLBL "Toons Tunes from the Past" (The Laser's Edge / Free Electric Sound)

MORGUE CITY "Soulless" (The Noiz Temple)

MORIFADE "Domination" (Candlelight)

MORNINGSTAR "Hell" (R.I.P. Records)

ALAN MORSE "Four O'Clock and Hysteria" (SPV / Inside Out)

NEAL MORSE "Jesus Christ The Exorcist Live at Morsefest 2018" (Frontiers)

NEAL MORSE "One" (Metal Blade/Radiant)

MORTAL "Wake" (Instense)

MORTAL SIN "Out of the Darkness" DVD (Livecast)

MORTIFICATION "Hammer of God" (Metal Blade)

MORTIFICATION "10 Years Live Not Dead" (Metal Blade)

MORTIFER "If Tomorrow Comes" (Metalagen Records)

MORTIIS "The Smell of Rain" (Earache Records)

MORTIIS "Some Kind of Heroin: The Grudge Remixes" (Earache Records)

SCOTT MOSHER "Deep Horizon" (The Ambient Mind / Allaroundniceguy)

SCOTT MOSHER "Inferno" (The Ambient Mind / Allaroundniceguy)

MOTHERLOAD "Burns Like Whiskey" (

THE MOTHER'S ANGER "The Mother's Anger" (Dionysus)

MOTHERNIGHT "Mothernight" (Locomotive)

MOTHERSHIP "Mothership" (Ripple)

MOTION PICTURE DEMISE "Zip.Boom.Bah" (Orange Peal)

MOTIVE "Full On Metal" (Demo)

MOTIVE "Worn Down Dream" (Self-produced)

MOTLEY CRUE "Carnival of Sins: Live" DVD (Clear Channel)

MOTLEY CRUE "Greatest Hits" (Beyond/Motley)

MOTLEY CRUE "Greatest Video Hits" DVD (Beyond/Motley)

MOTLEY CRUE "Live 1983 - 1999: Entertainment or Death" (Motley/Beyond)

MOTLEY CRUE "New Tattoo" (Motley/Beyond)

MOTLEY CRUE "Red, White & Crue" (Hip-O / Motley)

MOTLEY CRUE "Saints of Los Angeles" (Motley / Eleven Seven)

MOTLEY CRUE "Shout at the Devil" (Motley/Beyond)

MOTOCHRIST "Greetings from the Bonneville Salt Flats" (Heat Slick)

MOTORHEAD "1916" (Sony Entertainment)

MOTORHEAD "25 & Alive: Boneshaker" DVD (SPV/Steamhammer)

MOTORHEAD "Ace of Spades" (Sanctuary / Castle)

MOTORHEAD "Ace of Spades: 40th Annivesary Edition" (Sanctuary)

MOTORHEAD "Aftershock" (UDR)

MOTORHEAD "Another Perfect Day: 40th Annivesary Edition" (Sanctuary)


MOTORHEAD "BBC Live and In-Session" (Sanctuary / Metal-Is)

MOTORHEAD "The Best Of" (Sanctuary)

MOTORHEAD "Better Motorhead Than Dead: Live at Hammersmith" (SPV / Steamhammer)

MOTORHEAD "Bomber" (Metal-Is)

MOTORHEAD "Clean Your Clock" (UDR)

MOTORHEAD "Everything Louder Than Everyone Else" (CMC International)

MOTORHEAD "Extended Versions / The Encore Collection" (BMG)

MOTORHEAD "Hammered" (Sony/Metal-Is)

MOTORHEAD "Inferno" (Sanctuary / Metal-Is)

MOTORHEAD "Kiss of Death" (Sanctuary)

MOTORHEAD "Live at Brixton '87" (Sanctuary)

MOTORHEAD "Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival" (Motorhead)

MOTORHEAD "The Lost Tapes Vol. 1: Live in Madrid" (Motorhead)

MOTORHEAD "The Lost Tapes Vol. 4: Live in Heilbronn" (Motorhead)

MOTORHEAD "The Lost Tapes Vol. 5: Live at Download Fest '08" (BMG)

MOTORHEAD "Louder Than Noise: Live in Berlin" (Motorhead/Silver Lining)

MOTORHEAD "Motorizer" (SPV)

MOTORHEAD "No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith (40th Anniversary Edition)" (Sanctuary)

MOTORHEAD "No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith" (Expanded) (Metal-Is)

MOTORHEAD "Overnight Sensation" (CMC International)

MOTORHEAD "Seriously Bad Magic" (Motorhead Music)

MOTORHEAD "Snake Bite Love" (CMC International)

MOTORHEAD "Stone Deaf Forever" (Sanctuary / Metal-Is)

MOTORHEAD "We Are Motorhead" (CMC International)

MOTORHEAD "The World Is Yours" (SPV)

MOTOSIERRA "Rules!" (Myrmecoleo Records)

MOUNTAIN "The Best of Mountain" (Columbia/Legacy)

MOUNTAIN "Climbing" (Columbia/Legacy)

MOUNTAIN "Nantucket Sleighride" (Columbia / Legacy)

MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT "Quietly" (Translation Loss)

MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT "The Violence Beneath" (Translation Loss)

MOURNING MAXWELL "Mourning Maxwell" (Self-released)

MOWER "Make It a Double" (Suburban Noize)

MOWER "Mower" (Suburban Noize)

MR. BIG "...The Stories We Could Tell" (Frontiers)

MR. BUNGLE "Disco Volante" (Warner Bros.)

MRS. GRUNDY "#3 With a Mullet" (Screaming Yuppie Records)

MRS. HIPPIE "Lotus" (Metal Blade)

MUDCRAWL "Mudcrawl" (Self-released)

MUDCRUTCH "Mudcrutch" (Reprise)

MUDVAYNE "The Beginning of All Things to End" (Epic)

MUDVAYNE "Dig" (No Name / Epic) DVD Single

MUDVAYNE "The End of All Things to Come" (Epic)

MUDVAYNE "Lost and Found" (Epic)

MUDVAYNE "The New Game" (Sony Legacy)

MUDVAYNE "L.D. 50" (Epic)

MULLMUZZLER "Keep It To Yourself" (Magna Carta)

MULLMUZZLER "Mullmuzzler 2" (Magna Carta)

MUNICIPAL WASTE "The Art of Partying" (Earache)

MUNICIPAL WASTE "Electrified Brain" (Nuclear Blast)

MUNICIPAL WASTE "The Fatal Feast" (Nuclear Blast)

MUNICIPAL WASTE "Hazardous Mutation" (Earache)

MUNICIPAL WASTE "Massive Aggressive" (Earache)

MUNICIPAL WASTE "Tango & Thrash" (Nuclear Blast)

MUNICIPAL WASTE "Waste 'Em All" (Six Weeks Records)

ROLF MUNKES "No More Obscurity" (Lion Music)

MURDOCK "Amplification" (The Local Cannery Recording Company)

MURDERDOLLS "Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls" (Roadrunner)

MURDER JUNKIES "Killing for Christ's Sakes" (MVD Entertainment)

MURDER MANIFEST "Mental Surgery" (Self-released)

THE MURDERED "...And the Maggots Shall Inherit the Earth" (Tribunal)

MURDER SQUAD "Ravenous Murderous" (Candlelight USA / Threeman)

MUSEUM OF FEAR "The God in My Closet" (Dirge Records)

MUSHROOMHEAD "The Righteous & the Butterfly" (Megaforce)

MUSHROOMHEAD "Volume 1" DVD (Filthy Hands)

MUSHROOMHEAD "Volume 2" DVD (Filthy Hands / Megaforce)

MUSHROOMHEAD "XIII" (Filthy Hands/Universal)

MUSHROOMHEAD "XX" (Filthy Hands/Eclipse Records)

MUSHROOMHEAD "XX" (Filthy Hands/Universal)

MUST "Androgynous Jesus" (Wind-up)

MX "Gone Snipe Huntin'" (Radical, Inc.)

MX "Rockz" (Radical, Inc.)

MXPX "Ten Years and Running" (Tooth and Nail)

MXPX "Let It Happen" (Tooth and Nail)

MY AMERICAN HEART "The Meaning in Makeup" (Warcon)

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE "The Black Parade is Dead" (Reprise)

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" (Reprise)

MY DYING BRIDE "34.788% Complete" (Mayhem/Music For Nations)

MY DYING BRIDE "Songs of Darkness, Words of Light" (Peaceville)

MY DYING BRIDE "Turn Loose the Swans" (Peaceville/Futurist)

MY HERO IS ME "The Crywolf Broadcast" (Tragic Hero)

MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT "13 Above the Night" (Interscope)

MY OWN VICTIM "The Weapon" (Century)

MY PRIVATE HELL "Suicide" (Self-released)

MYRATH "Tales of the Sand" (Nightmare)

MY REVENGE! "Less Plot, More Blood" (Thorp)

MY SHAMEFUL "Of All the Wrong Things" (Firebox Records)

MYSTERIZER "The Holy War 1095" (Rockshots Records)

MYSTERY BLUE "Demo 2002" (Demo)

MYSTERY BLUE "Metal Slaves" (Road Show Productions)

MYSTIC CIRCLE "Infernal Satanic Verses" (WW III / Mercenary Musick)

MYSTIC-FORCE "Man Vs. Machine" (Siegen Records)

MYSTIFIER "Profanus" (Crash)

THE MYSTICK KREWE OF CLEARLIGHT "The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight" (Tee Pee Records)

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